Enhancing Your Living Room with Iconic Decor


What do you see when you step into a living room? And, most importantly, what do you feel? From centuries, homes have been sanctuaries—not only from the elements but from all that hustle and bustle out there. This is the subject of the talk I want to give today: “How to redesign your sitting room into a room looking nice and charged with meaningfulness through icons.

The Allure of Icons in Home Decor

In the home décor world, icons are more than just decoration: they are symbols that carry weight beyond their physicality. From the caves of early man to the magnificent palaces of kings, icons have told stories, explained beliefs, and given purpose to spaces beyond their mundane uses. They can anchor a room, or more usually, they can add those quiet layers in your living room that build the story of your home.

Types of Icons for the Living Room

Let’s explore the tapestry of icons you can weave into the fabric of your living room:

Artistic icons are the things you might think of as expressions of your personal journey or something you aspire to. It might be a sculpture picked up from your travels, a painting speaking to your soul, or even a homemade vase from a local craftsman. These things bring beauty and story into your space.

Cultural Icons

Artefacts that will show your own heritage or any culture you admire can make the living room diverse and profound. A beautifully woven piece of African Kente cloth or a delicate Chinese porcelain vase are not just used as decorations but serve as the bridge to whole worlds and stories beyond their own.

Natural Icons

Bringing the elements of nature into your home could change the energy of your space. Driftwood-based materials for a driftwood sculpture or fossilized stone could be used, or, even more versatile, go for botanical prints to ground your decor, reminding you of the eternal beauty of the world.

The Special Place of Religious Icons

And now a deeper layer of iconography: religious icons. Far from being pretty things, they are very spiritual, giving every due daily remembrance to faith and higher ideals.

Religious Icons

Inspiring religious icon exalted in multifarious cultures. More than just a work of art, an actual expression of the divine might welcome contemplation and possibly veneration to inhabit your living space.

Choosing the Right Icons

The icons chosen have to be felt. They should complement your belief as well as space. A tranquil statue of Buddha, a serious crucifix, or an alternative colorful tapestry filled with Hindu gods—let it reflect your spirit.

Location and Display

Display of such sacred artifacts should be in places of honor. Take into consideration lighting, visibility, and overall layout. For example, a quiet corner with a small lamp might make for a place of contemplation, while a place on the wall could allow the icon to be presented to preside over the room.

Integrating Icons with Existing Decor

Next, you’ll want to start creating the kind of harmony with the existing décor in your icons; less about matching colors and more like weaving a cohesive story. Here’s how.

The important thing here is to strike a balance between harmony and contrast. An icon of modernity might be a beautiful contrast against an ancient one and perhaps even get a passersby to stop and pause. Equally, a contemporary, smooth piece might contrast well in a traditional setting.

Making a Thematic Corner

Think of the idea of giving over a portion of your living room to the icons. This thematic corner can actually double as a kind of personal gallery, putting up your collection on the walls and making it a topic of conversation.

Accessorizing with purpose. Your accessories are to complement the statement, not complete it. A simple, elegant stand for your sculpture; a discreet frame for your painting; a soft light to throw just the right amount of light on your religious icon makes all the difference.


Your living room is way more than a space. It’s a canvas where you can paint your story, a sanctuary that gives you time to think and rejuvenate. Thoughtfully integrated with your décor, these are the icons that create not simply a room to dazzle the eye, but to nourish the soul. So take a minute and look around your living room. Is something amiss? Perhaps it’s time to introduce an icon that speaks to you.

After all, in the world of home improvement, what really is at work here is far more than simply making spaces that look good; this is about making places that truly feel like home.

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