Tips on How to Safely Charge Your Phone


Our smartphones have become a part of our body, they’re now like an extra limb that we never leave home without. But using the internet and opening apps constantly through the day quickly takes its toll on our batteries. Most of us have to charge our phones, two or sometimes three times a day. There are many safe ways to charge your phone, but a lot of us ignore them and do whatever suits us. Electrical contractors in Weymouth are being called out to an increased number of electrical jobs where they must repair electrical damage caused by improper charging techniques.

Here are some tips on charging your phone the right way.

  • Always use the charger that came with the package
  • Remember to charge your phone on a hard surface
  • Avoid pulling or stretching the wire into a position which exerts too much tension
  • Don’t charge your phone overnight when you are sleeping

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Can Phone Charging Become Dangerous?

With more and more people becoming dependent on their phones, electrical fires and injuries have started to increase. Many people use faulty chargers to charge their phone without thinking about the consequences. A damaged phone charger with exposed wiring is a dangerous item that should be discarded.

In addition to faulty chargers, many people leave their phones charging on the bed or on other flammable materials. If your phone overheats and you aren’t around to see it, your property could go up in flames or someone could get seriously hurt.

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