What Can Go Wrong with My Roof?


This is a question that many new homeowners ask, and the short answer is, quite a few things can cause issues with your roof. The roof must endure the ongoing punishment of the harsh British climate, and with that in mind, here are a few common problems that occur with a roof.

  • Missing Roof Tiles – Traditional roof tiles are no securely fixed, rather they are placed overlapping a timber strut, with a couple of nails to hold the tile in place, and gale force winds can easily lift roof tiles. Fortunately, there is affordable roof repair in Petersfield from an established local roofing contractor, who would have no problem sourcing matching tiles.
  • Guttering & Downpipes – The guttering provides an escape route for excessive rainwater, and should it become blocked, this will result in water running down the exterior walls, and that is something to avoid at all costs. If your guttering and downpipes have seen better days, why not replace them with PVC? This will provide a maintenance free solution that will last for many years.
  • Fascia & Soffit Boards – Typically made from timber, the fascia and soffit boards protect the edges of the roof, and over time, they eventually wear. You could have then repainted, or like most homeowners, replace the units with PVC sections, which offers a maintenance free solution.

Regular roof inspections are advised, as this will reveal any minor issues that can be repaired before they become major. Talk to your local roofing contractor about inspecting your roof and they would be happy to carry out a thorough inspection.

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