3 Simple Steps to Killing Tree Fungus


Edmonton serves as home to a large number of healthy American elm trees. Millions of elm trees across North America didn’t survive Dutch elm disease.

DED is one of many fungi that destroy healthy trees. Without a steady number of trees to absorb carbon dioxide, the climate will worsen.

You can do your part to help the tree population by learning how to kill tree fungus. Tree diseases spread through the air and insect infestations. It’s important to stop any fungus you find before it spreads.

What is the best way to destroy tree fungus? Follow these 3 steps to keep your trees healthy.

1. Bring in Arborists to Prune Your Trees

You can handle any thin, low branches that need pruning. Once your pruning needs mean using a chainsaw mill on the tree, call a pro. Tree cutting is the most dangerous job, and you need extensive training to do it safely.

Professionals know when is the right time for pruning apple trees in Alberta. Do you have any other fruit trees with fungus? Ask your arborist when is the right time to prune them.

Alberta arborists will walk you through the Edmonton tree laws. The laws protect American elm from DED and other harmful fungi. Ignoring these laws come with a fine of up to $10,000 or jail time.

2. How to Kill Tree Fungus With Fungicide

After the visible fungus is gone, spores still linger on the tree. Neutralize the spores before they begin eating into the tree and weakening it again.

Look for a fungicide designed for the types of trees you wish to treat. Avoid treating young trees with harsh chemicals until they’re more established. A gentle wash with water and baking soda might keep the fungus from developing.

When applying fungicide, chose a cool day with no wind. Go out in the evening so the sun doesn’t make the treatment scorch the tree. Read the directions so you don’t use too much and make the tree sicker.

3. Get Rid of Pruned Wood With Tree Fungus the Right Way

It’s tempting to keep any wood you cut to cure for firewood. Keeping wood with tree fungus on it isn’t a good idea. The dormant fungus will wake in late spring and infect new trees.

In Edmonton, keeping pruned elmwood is against the Community Standards Bylaw. It’s a good rule to follow for any diseased trees you prune or remove.

Bundle the small limbs and put them out with the weekly trash beside the cans. Disposing of a whole tree or large limbs takes specialized equipment, though. Click to learn more about safe disposal techniques.

Winter Is the Best Time to Cut Down Trees With Fungus Infestations

Learning how to kill tree fungus will make next year’s garden a breathtaking sight. To get it right, take advantage of the winter cold. Any tree fungus in your garden will remain dormant until it warms up again.

For some trimming projects, you might need permission first. Consult your arborist about the bylaws and what they mean for you. It’s best to be safe than sorry and paying a hefty fine later.

Ready to make gardening plans for the spring? We’ve got tons of advice in our Gardening section.

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