7 Great Focal Point Ideas for Living Room


The focal point is one of the key elements in interior design. 

It is the area that draws your attention to a defining area or feature as soon as you enter the room. 

They are the points of interest that capture and hold attention. The rest of the design is built around the focal point. That’s why it is the star of the room. 

A focal point can be anything across the room—it can be a fireplace, statement furniture, or a huge artwork. 

That’s why you need to choose the right spot for creating a focal point in the room. 

And this guide will help you create an aesthetically pleasing focal point in your living room. 

Statement Furniture:

Furniture is one of the great ways to create a focal point in the room. For example, an interesting sofa or a classy coffee table, or a bed and even a reading nook in the bedroom are the best examples of how best living room furniture can create a striking focal point. 

Don’t worry if you can’t afford expensive furniture for that. Accessorizing them with decorative pillows, throws, and reupholstering can make a difference. 


A fireplace is a classic focal point in the room. You can arrange a seating area around the fire while a big piece of art can put up above the mantle. You can spruce it up with trying an unusual surround, lining the interior or paint it in crazy shades of color to make it stand out. 

A freestanding fireplace into a recessed wall unleashes a three-dimensional feel as well as opportunities for flowing backlights behind the system. 

You can also hang a bold artwork above the mantle to draw more attention to it. However, it requires you to choose a statement piece of art that go well with the decorative aspects of the room to create harmony. 


The sofa is the main seating place in any living space. Good thing is that it can be turned into a striking focal point. You need to find a good location to place it across the room. Generally, the longest wall in the room is the best place and you can even enhance the overall effect by installing some sort a mirror or artwork on the wall above the sofa. 

If you don’t want to place the sofa against the wall, you can go for a lounge corner. 

Accent Walls:

This is one of the simplest ways to create an attractive focal point in any room. All you need to pick a wall that you want to be the statement piece of the space and test your creativity over it. For example, you can repaint it using bold, jewel tones. Of course, you can get flexible and independent with your creativity. Besides, you can use self-adhesive wallpaper if you are not that confident in your painting skills. 

Textured Carpets:

If you are looking to make the room more inviting, you can try some textured carpets. Textures are very important when it comes to unleashing cozy and warm feeling. Curtains are great for your windows being the focal point. Cushions and throws can be your statement furniture décor. 

Decorative round rungs are ideal for the spaces lacking existing focal points and are small. 


Statement artwork is a great way to pump up the décor of any room. This can be a big painting or a mirror with a sophisticated frame. The rest of the room can be accentuated with some accent lighting. However, you can have multiple artworks at the room. Or you can create an amazing gallery to draw everyone’s attention. 


While bookshelves can accommodate your smaller things, most open storage might not always do the trick. Covered storage is a classy way to accentuate the room. Make sure to keep appropriate space between the objects to avoid making them look cluttered and unattractive. Add mirrored photo frames and glass vases along with some under counter lighting to maximize the appeal. 

So these are the ideas to create a focal point in your living room. It is all about creating a statement piece of decor, such as furniture or artwork, and then creating the rest of the design around it. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below. 

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