7 Inexpensive and Fun Backyard Makeover Ideas


The new year is here and it may be time to change some elements in your backyard. With everyone still stuck at home, maybe it’s time for a backyard makeover. Your dull and plain backyard can change with your creative and inventive touch.

There are plenty of easy and cheap ways to get a first-class backyard. Check out these backyard makeover ideas that can change your backyard from classic to superb.

1. Fire Pit

Your backyard is the best place to relax and look at the stars at night. It can get cold at night, so making a fire pit is a great idea for night outs with friends and family. You can choose to have a wood, natural gas, or propane fire pit for your background makeover.

Fire pits are the best places to socialize and gather around a warm, relaxing atmosphere. It also acts as the focal point of your yard, adding interest to a bare area in your yard. Creating a fire pit is the best choice for a backyard makeover on a budget.

A simple way to make a fire pit is by digging 18 inches of dirt out of the ground. Build a base with six inches of gravel, then add a layer of course sand. Place rocks around the hole and throw some wood into the hole.

2. Outdoor Furniture

If you spend a lot of time outside, now is the time to add furniture to your backyard. A four-piece sectional is a great addition to your backyard makeover ideas. Try out wood and natural colors to work with any style in your backyard.

A simple outdoor chair and table set can work well for those who want to eat outside. Find outdoor furniture that can withstand any weather, from heavy rain to snow. You don’t have to purchase new furniture to place in your background.

You can renew and refurbish your old indoor furniture. It’s your choice to add your touch of creativity to the furniture. Make sure that you renew the furniture to make it work well with the outside weather and elements.

3. Bird Baths

Want to watch the birds and attract them to your backyard? Bird watching is a great appreciating hobby that many can enjoy. A birdbath is one of the best and simple ways you can add life to your yard.

Inviting birds into your backyard is a way to give birds the conditions they need to survive. You’re allowing them to pick through the insects and bugs that are damaging your plants. They can also peck away at worms in the soil, which loosens and aerates your soil.

Bees and butterflies are also attracted to the water in the birdbath. These insects can help pollinate all the flowers and plants in your garden, making them live a long and healthy life. Your installation of a birdbath is very beneficial to many migratory birds.

Making a birdbath the focal point of your backyard is beneficial to both your yard and the birds. There are many types of birdbaths, from staked and mounted to wall-mounted and hanging. If you want to learn more about hanging birdbaths, check out https://nature-niche.com/blogs/news/hanging-bird-bath-10-reasons-it-s-a-natural-backyard-fit.

4. Outdoor Lighting

With either a large or small background makeover, lights are the best way to go. You have to add enough lights, making a balance between security and aesthetics. It also reduces the chances of accidents and tripping on your walkways and potted plants.

Place some lights that can guide your way when walking through your cemented pathway. The lights will also protect your home from being a victim of theft. Robbers would rather not attack homes that have fully lit grounds.

Outdoor lighting is a great way to accentuate and highlight the best parts of your yard. You can lead eyes towards your pool, hedge labyrinth, or miniature designs. The lighting can also improve the ambiance and mood of your backyard party.

5. Bridge Over the Pond

A small bridge can make a grand embellishment for your backyard. You can place the bridge over your swimming pool or fish pool. Adding a bridge can add to the value of your home and raise the aesthetic appeal.

You can choose to have a wooden bridge to add a rustic and modern look. A rope bridge can stimulate the feeling of the suspension bridges in action movies. This type of bridge works well with a large pool.

A stone and concrete bridge are the more permanent choice. Stone bridges give a rustic appeal, while concrete bridges are a modern ideal. Consider building a bridge for your backyard makeover since it works well for those with a budget.

6. Zen Garden

Zen gardens are places that can evoke the feeling of peace, calmness, and tranquility. This is a type of garden inspired by Japanese gardens featuring stone, gravel, and boulders. Creating a Zen garden can stimulate your creativity and spark inspiration.

Start by using sand as your base for your yard, then place rocks on top to make a pattern. Carefully rake the gravel or sand to make spiral, round, and rippled patterns to represent the sea. Add some plants and flowers, such as creeping thyme, yews, bamboo, and evergreen azaleas.

7. Pet Playground

Do you want your pets to enjoy the outdoor areas with you? A good start is by installing a fence all around your background. Use a part of your backyard dedicated to your dog’s relaxation and meals.

Build a small gazebo or condo with water and food, along with a designated potty spot. Invest in some pet play equipment, like a slide or ramps. Ensure that your backyard only holds safe plants for pets, such as tomato, daffodil, ivy, and aloe vera.

Try These Inexpensive and Fun Backyard Makeover Ideas!

Use these backyard makeover ideas to impress your friends and family. Relax by a fire pit, enjoy the outdoor lights, or meditate by your new Zen garden. It all comes down to what you want to see and feel from your backyard.

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