7 Super Important Things to Do Before Selling Your House


The median sale price for an average house in the United States currently stands at $330,600. Despite the current Coronavirus pandemic, there has been moderate growth in the number of homes sold in the United States this year. If you plan to sell a house soon, this is the best season to make that move.

However, before listing your home for sale, you might need to deal with a few critical issues. Are you wondering what checklist you need to tick before selling your home? In this article, we list the things to do before selling your house.

  1. Declutter

This has to be the most critical process when preparing to sell a house. There’s got to be so much in your home that needs to get out of the way. Think about the tons of clothes in your closet and loads of clutter in the garage.

Unless you get such stuff from your space, you will have trouble preparing for the transition.

If there could be stuff you haven’t used in a long while, consider donating them to the numerous needy cases around you. You would be shocked that even friends and family may consider such stuff worth it. It would be a momentous mistake to list your home for sale with loads of clutter in-tact.

You need to ensure that there’s less clutter for your house to look spacious and attractive. Ultimately, your goal is to impress the potential buyer. Unless you can present ample and fancy space for your potential clients, you won’t impress them.

One way to get ready for the process of selling your home is to declutter the entire space. This way, you’ll be able to attract more potential buyers soon enough. Decluttering your house will be the first step towards making your home sparkle.

  1. Consider Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

One of the best things to do to get your home ready for sale is to improve the curb appeal. You want to get your potential client’s attention as soon as they enter the property. Once you have decluttered the space, the next step should be to add that wow factor.

You could start by dealing with the quick fixes. One way to ensure that your home’s curb appeal is top-notch should be the focus on the outside. Ensure that the flower beds and the walkways are well-manicured. This will ensure that everyone working in the space feels eager to see more.

  1. Find a Great Real Estate Agent

Most people make the mistake of selling their homes on their own. Home listing can be a long and sometimes daunting process. Once you decide to sell your house and make the necessary preparations, your next step should be to find a real estate agent.

It might be hard to sell your house on your own. Engaging a real estate agent early enough will ensure that you get ready to deal with a broader network of clients. Calling in seasoned real estate agents will also allow you to understand the housing market dynamics and how to prepare your house for the right audience.

It would help to consider working with a real estate agent with the right skills and experience to push your listings fast enough.

  1. Depersonalize Your Space

When clients come to shop around for a new house, they want to visualize themselves and their family in the house. The problem with most home sellers is that they don’t work at depersonalizing the space.

On top of the list of the things to do before selling your house should be to depersonalize the home. Ensure that you remove any family portraits in the place before allowing potential customers. Any other item that may destruct the buyers should be out of the way in advance.

  1. Commence Home Repairs

You don’t want to open up your home to buyers without first ensuring that every hinge is in the right place. One of the turn-offs for most buyers is the possibility of entering a house that has multiple broken fixtures.

Apart from fixing the small issues in the home, it would help if you also had adequate time to repair the other significant home components. Ensure that the doors are in perfect shape, that the roof can withstand the rainy winters and that the floor isn’t caving in before letting in potential clients.

Ensure that your home is in the best shape internally because this will be the one thing that will make or break the possibility of selling.

  1. Don’t Forget the Garage

At least 88% of Americans owned cars five years ago. These numbers have with certainty grown over the last few years. You need to bear in mind that apart from your interior, potential customers will also focus on where to carport their vehicles.

Unless you pay attention to the garage, you may not be ready enough to sell your house. Are you considering the things to do before selling your home?

Cleaning and repainting your house should be the first thing you must do. Once this is out of the way it would help if you considered repairing the garage doors to ensure that they open and close with ease. Here are some tips to help you undertake the DIY repair of your garage doors.

  1. Work on the Lighting

A poorly lit house can be a real turn-off. Did you know that lighting makes your home look more spacious? This is on top of boosting your home’s aesthetic value. Before opening up your home to potential buyers, ensure that you work on the lighting.

Repair any lights that may have since blown-off. Sometimes, the only thing you need is to replace a faulty bulb here or wiring there. Once the lighting is in good shape, you’ll be ready to invite potential occupants.

These Are the Things to Do Before Selling Your House

Before listing your home for sale, it would help to first deal with the basics. Every potential buyer will focus on everything from the walkways to the interior and the garages.

Could you be wondering what the things to do are before selling your house? These seven things could be the deal-breaker as you prepare to list your house for sale.

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