A Guide to Carpet Styles and Fibre Types


If you are looking for a new carpet in the living room or bedroom, there are many different types of fibre, and it is important to choose a carpet that is suitable for the environment. Here is a short description of different carpet styles to help you with your selection.

  • Textured Cut Pile – The piles are twisted using steam, and this style does not show up marks like the Saxony cut, and this pile is suitable for medium to high traffic zones.
  • Frieze Cut Pile – The fibres are kinked in a random manner, which leaves a unique finish, and aside from hiding dirt well, Frieze cut pile is very durable, making it suitable for high traffic areas in domestic and commercial environments.
  • Loop Pile – As the name suggests, loop pile exposes the entire loop that is not cut, which gives a very durable finish that stands up to staining well. Loop pile is soft and inviting, and is a good choice for the living room, and a visit to your local carpets company in Penzance will give you the opportunity to experience a range of pile styles.

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Fibre Types

These can be separated into natural and synthetic fibres, and include:

  • Wool – The softest of all, a wool carpet that is made from high quality wool is expensive, but it ticks all the boxes and is a popular choice among UK homeowners.
  • Nylon – Very hardwearing and ideal for high traffic areas.
  • Polyester – Extremely hardwearing.

If you are uncertain which carpet type is best for your home, talk to your local carpet supplier who has a showroom, where you can view the many types.

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