All You Need to Know About Over Bonnet Storage Solutions


If you are looking for “Over Bonnet Storage Solutions”, then Smart Storage Solution Australia is the right place where you can find your solution at a reasonable price. In fact, it is known to be Australia’s leading and biggest supplier of over car bonnet storage lockers for apartments.

There is no surprise to see that a lot of Australians prefer living in apartments. But, the problem is that most apartment basements come with limited storage and that’s when the basement storage locker is an ideal storage solution. The StoreBay smart storage solution company is expert in the supply and installation of over bonnet storage cabinets. Their above car storage cabinets are accepted and approved by Owners Corporations, Builders & Property Developers Australia wide.

Thanks to their smart storage solutions, Apartment owners now organize and manage their internal space at house better and effectively by adding an additional storage unit that StoreBay offered. Their Over Bonnet storage cabinets are manufactured and designed to the highest standard that uses high-quality materials and products.

StoreBay has a team who has almost 10 years of experience within the contraction and building industry. They are highly talented, proactive and motivated professionals who are passionate about to make sure that their all of their client’s requirements fulfill the highest standards.

Get to know about features of over bonnet storage cabinet!!

Each unit they offered is free-standing, the anti-trust proofing and height adjustable legs. Plus, they offer a secure Lenlok T-handle three-way locking system for all items.

You can place these secure and stylish over bonnet storage solution at the head of your car space. It is because the intended vehicle can able to retain its general parking space and to free up storage space within the house. The best thing about StoreBay is that they can also help you with body and strata corporate approval at your apartment or office building. Plus, they provide the most competitive rate on the market.

Their product comes with completely free installation service –

  • Solid and all steel construction
  • High-quality materials and fire-safe design
  • Gas struts so that you can open and close with ease.
  • Three-way locking system for security of your items.
  • Powder-coated and smooth finish.
  • Sits free-standing on your vehicle space floor.

To get Over bonnet storage solution, all you need to do is to contact StoreBay for this solution. They will supply and install a storage solution for you. Their storage cabinets are ideal for apartment living, but they also perfect for those who want to manage their office or garage space better. Thus, you can also contact StoreBay for Office Storage & Filing For Rent service.

They have a talented and experienced team who always work by first understanding all storage needs and requirements of the clients. Keep in mind that StoreBay provides discounts for strata groups and property developers when buying factory-direct.

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