Best Garage Door Styles


Many homeowners don’t think about their garage doors too often, even though they are a part of their homes. This can be unfortunate because a garage door can comprise a significant part of a home’s exterior. This is especially true for any house where the garage door is situated to face the street.

Updating a garage door is an effective way to increase a home’s curb appeal without having to spend a ton of money! There are a variety of different materials currently used for garage doors. And, in addition to the wide range of materials, there are a number of different styles to choose from as well.

While garage doors perform an important function, this does not mean that can’t also be stylish and add some flair to a home’s overall appearance.

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Popular designs for garage doors

There are a number of different types of garage doors from which to choose, with more eye-catching designs introduced every day. Once the type is decided upon, residents then choose the style of door that they want. The main styles can be divided into two groups: those that are suitable for contemporary homes and those that look great on more traditional-style houses.

Traditional panel doors – because they are available in a variety of less-expensive materials, traditional panel doors are often chosen with budget constraints in mind. Panel doors are also available with windows that can add a certain sense of sophistication to a house. The panels can also be painted to match the trim used on the house or to introduce a pop of color to an otherwise neutral palette.

Carriage style – this style of door can be at home on both modern and traditional-style houses. Depending on the material used, from wood to metal, the cost can vary greatly. One budget-saving option is to choose a door that looks like it opens out but has the typical mechanics of standard overhead doors. The hardware that also makes these doors stand out can also be adjusted or upgraded to suit individual tastes and price points. This is a great option for anyone looking to make their home stand out from their neighbors’ houses.

Contemporary – contemporary is a very wide-ranging category that encompasses many styles. One of the favorite contemporary designs for garage doors is a matte-finish metal that has a narrow, rectangular window across the upper width of the door. Grey is a very popular color for contemporary design, as are most neutrals. This doesn’t mean that a garage door can’t be used to introduce a vibrant pop of color. Other attractive contemporary garage doors can be made of raw wood or other natural materials. This style has a lot of different options and is a great way to add a modern touch to an otherwise lackluster color and design.

Garage doors are a great way to add visual appeal to a home and give its curb appeal a boost. There are many great options that are appropriate for budgets of all levels, too. Have some fun and choose a door that adds a little oomph to the overall appearance of one’s home!

And, it’s important to remember, that when it comes to garage door springs, any repair or installation work is best done by a professional team! Finding the right door to best fit a home’s style, color, and curb appeal can be a fun project, whether it’s for a newly built home or a renovation project. Find out more today about garage doors and how they can increase the attractiveness of any house.

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