Build You Up, Buttercup: Be the Go-to Contractor in Your Side of Town


Everyone knows how hard it is to build a dream house, especially if it’s from the ground up. It’s not something any average Joe can DIY like a passion project — it has to be done by an expert or professional in that field. But even then, the decision to choose can be difficult because of all the available services or companies willing to take on a big job, such as building a house. And that is the part where you come in.

To be the contractor, everyone will be eyeing when they want their house built. You’ll have to establish a good reputation, which can only be achieved by a job well done. A great house will be a testament to your work’s quality, but the working relationship you will be sharing with your clients will be the thing passed on by word of mouth.

Besides having the good qualities of a contractor, you’ll need to know the best suppliers, have great connections and prove that you care about your client’s satisfaction to have the upper hand against possible competitors in this business. Here are a few tips to get you on the right path towards strengthening your brand and business:

Trusted Brand of Suppliers

Since contractors orchestrate most of the work being done in building a house, some take advantage of their clients by faking the materials’ quality to get the excess money. You can’t do that if you want your clients to trust you and your business. 

You have to put in the work and scour the construction industry for the best suppliers in the market. A good supplier is one that can provide quality materials for the lowest possible price. Like in your business, many services can offer what you need, so it will be your call in the end.

Test out different concrete, wood, stone, and steel distributors each time you do a project so that you can see their qualities for yourself. And once you find a brand you can trust, stick with it. That’s the most feasible and practical way of establishing a good contact list when you are contracted. 

Work with a Tried and Tested Team

As a contractor, one of your biggest responsibilities is having a team carry out the mission to build a house from start to finish. If you’re beginning in the business, you can subcontract different workers to help you build your client’s home. 

However, a great contractor will have a team of workers who are the best in their specific fields. But that’s not something that can be arranged with a snap of your fingers — a great team is built over time. What you can do is keep a steady eye on everyone on your team for each project.

Then, you can pick out the efficient workers with the potential to be part of your dream team. After you’ve organized a team you can trust to follow your lead, it will be easier for your clients to believe in your credibility.

Offer Great Service

Some people are good workers, and some people can establish a good rapport. Aspire to be the one who can connect to their clients at all times. You can’t be the go-to contractor if you’re a pain to work with and you’re too stubborn to compromise with your clients.

A good portfolio and a perfect supplier list are nothing if you, as the contractor, don’t have the right attitude and perspective. As a service provider, you should always put your client’s satisfaction and happiness before yours, unless it can literally put your life in danger.

That’s the key to being a go-to contractor. People will prefer to repeatedly contact a contractor they can negotiate with rather than someone who couldn’t even bother to listen to what they want to achieve in constructing their house. And in addition to that, you’ll have to have good leadership skills to strike a balance between all the people under your watch. A harmonized and conducive work environment is a manifestation of good leadership.

Always remember that your clients hired you to make their dream house a reality, but if you’re not willing to work with them, they would go and look for someone else who can. Be the person they run to when they want something built in their home and brag about with their friends and family. That’s how you get a good business that lasts. 

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