Can Premium Sofas Meet the Expectation of Your Comfort?


Without proper knowledge of the manufacturing processes, customers often fail to admit how fine a product can be. This holds in the case of understanding the furniture quality as well, especially when buying sofas. With a wide spectrum of processes being involved in their production, certain parameters can define them to be considered premium. Here, we help you understand what a sofa must have to be considered a premium.

How to understand if a sofa is a premium sofa?

Multiple key details can ascertain if a sofa can be regarded as premium. The better the quality is, the longer the product will last. This will also determine how comfortable it will be to use. We will be discussing those key details to help you get your hands upon only the best sofas. The entire collection of Four Hands sofas are built in the same way and using the same care. They are known to last longer than usual, generic brands and can give premium comfort and support even after years of use.

The frame

The frames of every premium sofa are built in a way to provide a sturdy base to the entire arrangement. The base of the sofa is meant for carrying the seating and the cushion arrangement, while the person’s weight is carried by the legs all down to the frame. To keep the arrangement in its best possible conditions, special attention is given to the legs, frames, and joints, while the manufacturing happens. The strength and aesthetic of the frames are then derived from screwing together high-end metals and dowels.

Seating support

Seating support is mainly used for the areas that support the person’s back while sitting. The premium sofas take care of this and provide a maximal comfort position with their vast support designs. The sinuous spring systems and eight-way hand-tied springs are provided within the seating systems. The sinuous springs run entirely through the area for better backrest and hand-tied springs do not affect the cushioning.

Cushion filling

Cushion filling is an important aspect that determines how premium the product is. The right fillings increase comfortability. The dense yet soft materials are placed within the sofa with anti-down ticking features that keep them soft even after multiple uses. There are also uses of polyester fibers and down cushion materials that surround the high-density foams. Overall, a softer outer layer and resilient inner support can lead to making a sofa premium.

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