Different Types of Residential Restoration Services


Every homeowner does their best to keep their home safe from any disaster. However, one can still face a significant loss from fire, flooding, or mold infestation. Even if you get a prior warning about an advancing disaster, it is hard to prepare for the damage it can cause fully. However, it is good to know about restoration services near you to be ready when you find yourself in such a situation. Discussed below are the types of damage restoration services.

Water Damage Restoration

This is a problem that most homeowners face. It can be caused by a burst pipe, flooding, or a clogged toilet. It also needs to be treated with urgency as ignoring it will only lead to permanent damage. Stagnant water in the house poses a risk to the structural foundation of your home and electrical fixtures. In addition, replacing the soaked carpet, furniture, or any other household material is costly. When dealing with water damage, timing is essential despite how small the damage seems to be. Call a restoration company immediately to learn more and get assistance.

Some of the services you can expect depending on the level of damage include

  • Evaluating the damage and planning for restoration
  • Removing debris
  • Removing water by using pumps or vacuums
  • Drying and dehumidifying affected areas
  • Sanitizing and removing bacteria
  • Fixing structural damage
  • Restoring salvageable content like furniture
  • Deep cleaning

Fire Damage Restoration

Your home catching fire is not only scary, but it can cause a devastating loss to any homeowner. Most people assume that you only have to worry about the flames or salvaging burned property. However, after extinguishing the fire, there is smoke damage and smell, soot, and ash to deal with. All this residue left behind can deteriorate the condition of a home even further. Also, there are plenty of contaminants left behind that pose a risk to one’s health.

If you suffer fire damage, contact the fire damage restoration service near you. Avoid trying to handle the situation yourself. A skilled person will know how to salvage your property and renew your home in its original condition. Using proper supplies, cleaning tools, and high-end equipment, here are services you can expect from a fire damage restoration company.

  • Inspecting the situation and planning for restoration
  • Board-up compromised areas like walls and doors
  • Remove any water that accumulated from fighting the fire
  • Remove smoke and soot
  • Fix structural damage

Mold Restoration Services

If you own a home in a damp climate or you have suffered water damage, the risk of mold growth is high. It comes with health risks, and the moment you see it in your home, you should get mold restoration services. Mold can affect your carpets, wallpapers, drywall, and ceiling. Some of the services to expect from the experts include:

  • Inspect and plan for removal
  • Contain areas affected by mold to prevent spreading
  • Treat colonies with antimicrobial treatments
  • Remove affected items and clean them
  • Fix structural damage

Despite the damage your home has faced, it is better to call a professional restoration service for assistance. Not only do they have the skills, but they have the right tools to ensure your home is restored to its original form.

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