Do You Need a New Washing Machine


The washing machine in our homes does a lot of work. It keeps our clothes clean and fresh and contributes to maintaining the daily cleaning routine. But, how well do you know your washing machine? How do you know when you’ll need to replace it or have it repaired?

Common Washing Machine Problems

Your washing machine may have served you well for many years, but eventually every machine will wear out and need repair or replacement. The good news is that trusted washing machine repair services in Newcastle can help you, but how do you know when you need to call them out? What signs of a faulty washing machine should you be looking for? Consider the following:

  • Not spinning: Every washing machine has something called an agitator. This is what moves the wet clothes around. If your clothes are not being agitated, it could be a worn out clutch or belt, or even a bad motor. You won’t really get the most out of your washer if the agitator isn’t working!
  • The clothes are still wet: If you’re finding that clothes are still sopping wet after the washer has finished a complete cycle, it could be that the spin cycle is not working properly. This may be a motor coupler issue.

Always Call in the Experts

If you notice that your washer is making too much noise or that there seems to be a problem with the spin cycle or agitator, you need to call a technician to come out and have a look.

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