Various Attachments for Excavators


An excavator is one of the pieces of equipment that is typically found on a construction site. It can also be found on a site that handles the handling of material. These are usually considered machines that dig but there are many excavator attachments that can expand the use of the simple excavator. Excavators come in many different sizes of different models, such as drilling, ripping, and compacting. The different types of attachments that you can find for excavators include special parts.

Augers can be attached to the excavator to enable you to drill holes in the ground. This attachment helps you to drill holes quickly and with ease. You may dig footings, post holes, and shrub and tree plantings.

Buckets can help you expand the materials you can haul with your excavator. It is important that you get the correct bucket for your specific excavator, as well as the right bucket for the job you want to perform. Buckets can help clean up, ditch cleaning, grading, general tasks, and extreme tasks.

Compactors include plate and drum versions that help you compact material quickly. Typically, these compactors are used for loose material for construction and landscaping. Couplers allow you to change the tools that you use on your excavator quickly. This helps you to perform all of your jobs no matter what your needs. Grapples are an accessory that enables your machine to pick up large-sized objects. Adding a grappler to your excavator allows you to pick up any object no matter what it is.

Hammers are perfect for breaking up anything that needs to be broken. Attaching a hammer to your excavator is a great addition to a demolition site, or in a quarry and for construction. They are available in different classes and impact energy. You can even choose one based on the number of blows per minute it can produce.

Rakes can be attached to your excavator to turn your machine into one that is perfect for clearing land, preparing a site, and even brush piling. These rake attachments are available in different tine spacing and widths. Rippers can cut through any type of ground and terrain, even if it is frozen. It is the perfect attachment for shale, rock, and hardtop layers.

Thumbs are a hydraulic attachment that allows you to pick up, hold onto, and move materials that are typically challenging to move. Branches and rocks will not fit well in a bucket and thumbs are great to give you the best productivity on any site.

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