Effective Packing Tips for Your Next Residential Move


Not many of us like fancy the thoughts of packing all our belongings for our next move. It takes time and energy to organise boxes, clear each room and make sure our delicate items don’t get damaged. Packing is a time-consuming activity, but it’s something we must do and if we don’t do it right, it could turn into a complete disaster. So, how do we ensure our goods are packed and we’re ready to go when the removal team arrives? Removal services in Birmingham recommend these steps when organising all your possessions.

Room by Room

The first thing you should do is go room by room and pack each room into a specific box. You should have separate boxes for all the main rooms, so break them down into manageable parts:

  • Living Room
  • Master Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Study Room
  • Home Office

It is advisable to tackle the most difficult room first, so the task gets easier and easier as you go along. Think about which rooms contain the most stuff or delicate items and start safely packing them into boxes or containers.

Packing Strategies

You’ll need all kinds of boxes and container when you start packing, some items will require bubble wrap to ensure they don’t get damaged. Order a range of different sized boxes when packing, you may also need Styrofoam to secure pianos or other bulky items.

Clever Packing

Remember to fill each box up just enough and not too little, so that they hold the items without breaking.

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