Sectional Sofa: How To Arrange In Your Living Room


Now that you are decided to buy a sectional sofa, you might be wondering how you will arrange it in your living room. Unlike the standard sofa, a sectional sofa usually comes in pieces of sections. Having this sofa for the first time can be confusing when you are about to arrange it in your room.

Why Choose A Sectional Sofa For Your Home?

If you want to buy furniture that never goes out of fashion, choose a sectional sofa. This can be used for different purposes. In fact, there is a sectional sofa type that can be used as a bed. There are also others that can be divided into different sections which you can use in other parts of your home. So if you are searching for utilitarian furniture, the sectional sofa is the right choice for you.

Arranging Your Sectional Sofa – Important Things To Consider

Once you have purchased your sectional sofa from 1StopBedrooms, you have to learn how to arrange it first even before it arrives. You might not know this yet but there are different ways to arrange this type of sofa. But before you dive into that, there are things to consider.

  • Prioritize Comfort and Convenience. In most homes, the living room is the area where the family sits and watch television or sit around and relax. But if your furniture is not properly arranged, it can look overcrowded and people will be uncomfortable. So when arranging the sectional you bought, always consider comfort and convenience. Place the sectional in the center of your room and match it with a glass table. You can leave enough space for your other furniture too. Allow movement into and out of the area.
  • Balance Is Important. When you are arranging your furniture, make sure that you create a balance between your sofa and other furniture. You can pick colors and print that will match with each other. For a more modern and traditional look and feel, you can arrange the plain sofa with a large-print carpet. All of the seats should also be easily accessible. You can place a table at both edges of your sectional to make the arrangement more appealing.
  • Find A Focal Point. What is the focal point? This can be your television or your window. That will depend on the construction of your living space. According to some designers, you can place your sectional sofa about 12 feet from your focal point. This will allow you to watch television comfortably.

One of the reasons why many homeowners prefer to buy sectional sofas for their living room is because of its versatility. Since they come in different pieces, you can either use them as a stand-alone piece or arrange them in a way to make them look like a piece of single, large furniture. The decision to purchase a sectional sofa will always come down to your personal preference. But to make the most out of this furniture, follow the tips on how to arrange it as mentioned above.

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