Four common plumbing problems that needs to be fixed right away


One of the most expensive and hassle household problems is the plumbing system. It is often one of the easiest parts of the house that gets damaged for whatever reasons and usually it involves a lot of mess to deal with.

A lot of homeowners have frequent problems with their plumbing system either their faucet is leaking underneath the sink, the toilet bowl is stuck up, or the water pipes are busted and a lot more which is why it requires professional help from plumbers or plumbing services in your area.

However, not everyone can easily identify that they have a plumbing problem unless it is already too late or the damage has already covered a lot already. To help you out, here are some signs that will be showing you that you need a plumber to fix it right away.

Four common plumbing problems that needs to be fixed right away

Sink and bathroom drains water slowly

Slow drains are a telltale sign that you have poor plumbing maintenance or design which could also be a sign that something is clogged down the pipes or at the sewer. To check if there is a slow drain, you should run the water at each sink and your bathtub or bathroom floor to check if it drains quickly or not according to local Perth plumbers. If it drains very slow, you know what to do, call a plumber because there might be something that clogs the pipes leading to the sewer that can be fixed instantly with a plumber before it becomes a more expensive problem.

Gurgling water

The gurgling sound that you hear from your faucet or the pipes of your water pipes or toilet can be a telltale sign that there is something blocking the vent pipe, and this could be caused by improper venting or partially clogged drain. Or there is a slow water pressure which causes the faucet to gurgle and the pipes as well because the water and air pressure inside is not even.

Very low water pressure

This can happen for many reasons but, in particular cases, low water pressure is a sign that there is corrosion or rusting inside the pipes, and this often can be fixed by replacing the plumbing of your house with a reliable plumber. Although it is expensive, it is the best way to fix this problem. To check if there is low water pressure, it is pretty easy, just turn on the faucet and check if the water is running normally or not. Run the water as high as it will go, and if the pressure is not sufficiently high, there may be a problem with your water pipes.

Moisture and molds

Molds and other disgusting stuff that appears on your house’s walls can cause health problems to you and your family. Molds is a serious issue because there is a huge possibility that there is a busted pipe that causes moisture and running water to leak that causes the mold to develop.

Molds are usually stains that are usually black, green, gray, or yellowish large spots that run on the walls. If you notice mold on the walls, this is a telltale sign that there is a leak in your plumbing system, and worse this pipe is connected to your toilet so you better contact a plumber right away especially the best ones from a Plumbing Company in Perth.

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