Home Decoration Ideas On Various Occasions


Home is the place where we return after the long working hours outside and also stat our journey from this place. So apart from comfortable furniture and quilts, the ambience should be a calm one that can inspire us on a daily basis. And maybe that’s why old VasstuShastra says that changing the position of bed, dining table, indoor plants, etc. are essential for a good flow energy in our home. Now, these home decorations vary from one occasion to another so that the theme of that festival remains intact. For example, x-mas tree lights are mostly used in Christmas while earthen lamps are used profusely in Diwali. Let’s look into some more ideas to increase the great look of your home.


For the upcoming birthday of your kid, you can have huge cut outs of famous cartoon characters like Chhota Bheem, Superman, Iron man, or Tom and Jerry to decorate your lawn area where most of the kids would play. As there would be lots of kids, you can shift some of your folding furniture outside in your lawn so that the cake cutting and dinner is served outside only and it becomes easier for you to clean later on. Keep bright colorful lights across the lawn to keep it an interesting as well as cozy for others.


Diwali means lots of lights would adorn your place and leave no dark corner of your house. If you have called some old friends for a lavish party, you can keep the bright lights and diyas for outer decoration and the decoration of light inside should be a calm one. Use the small serial lights hanging from your wall and that would give a nice tone to your room. Use the fragrant candles for the corner places and move every big furniture to the edges of the room so that the center is vacant for accommodating your old friends who would dance away all the night. Keep lots of cushions and mattresses in this place.


This is another bright festival in our calendar. For exciting your kids or calling up old buddies, first of all get the Christmas tree online and place it in your garden or if you don’t have a garden then balcony or terrace would be the location. Now you have to decorate this tree with chocolates and candies. For the Christmas party or get together, spice up your indoors with white and red long door curtains along with green cushions. Using red colored hanging lampshades would also add a nostalgia to your party.

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