How to Prevent Mice in Walls and Attics?


If you have mice in your building, you must be tired of using various removal techniques and being unsuccessful. Mice are infamous for reproducing at an unbelievable rate. Only a pair of mice can give birth to a colony of hundreds of mice in a span of a year.

Preventing mice in your house is crucial, not only because they are a nuisance but also because they lead to several health risks. Some of the diseases they spread are also fatal for humans. It is highly recommended to contact professional Rodent control for removing them. However, if you wish to take matters into your own hands, there are a few things you can do.

How to prevent mice in walls and attics

Removal of rodent waste.

When you smell rodent feces and urine, you must determine where they are and clean them immediately. This is important for two main reasons.

  • Mice are territorial creatures. They often mark their territory by defecating and urinating, just like dogs and cats. If you do not remove their waste, they will always find their way back to the attic and walls by the odor and smell of pheromones.
  • Mice wastes are toxic to inhale. Mice carry various dangerous diseases with them, and even the smell of their wastes can be harmful to the human immune system.

Find and close all entry points.

Conduct an inspection of your place and check for holes and gaps through which mice can enter your house. These may include rooflines, worn-out door seals, vents, eave gaps, missing wall bricks, etc. Check the entire roof and any entry points leading to the attic.

Remember, mice can squeeze through even the smallest holes and gaps. Even if you spot a hole measuring a quarter of an inch, it is enough for a mouse to enter. Also, make sure you seal these holes with rodent-proof material as mice can chew through various materials.

Eliminate things that may attract mice.

Mice infest your house for two main reasons: food and shelter. It is essential to eliminate food sources that may attract mice. Make sure you store your food only in airtight containers, conduct garbage disposal properly, keep attics and vents well-ventilated, keep garages and closets clutter-free and store firewood 20 feet away from home.

Doing all this while also doing your job, studies, or house chores can seem daunting. Moreover, it is not even guaranteed whether you will be able to eliminate these notorious creatures from your house successfully. Therefore, certain things should be left for professionals.

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