Humans have primary needs in life. It is the basic needs of humans for us to survive, and these are


Food and water

– These two are the most primary needs of humans. It does not just provide nutrients in our body, but it serves as our survival need in life. It serves as our energy in everything that we do in life. Also, it provides growth to humans and all the functions of our body.

– While water is important to keep our body hydrated to help regulate its temperature and maintain the functions of our body. It is because the human body normally sweats, this is why we need to hydrate ourselves. Also, it helps us in breathing and digestion, and many more.


– It is basically a place where humans are protected from different things. It is a place where people live, wherein they feel safe and comfortable. Also, it is the only place where most people feel belonging and acceptance. This is the place of humans they called home.


– It is what people wear in our daily lives to cover our bodies. It also serves as our protection from different elements. It is what we use depending on what we feel or mostly based on the weather.

These are the basic necessities that we need to have throughout our life. There are more things that we need along our journey, but these are the basic ones.

One of the things that most people want to have in their lives is to own a home. As we grow older, we tend to dream and work hard to achieve it. It is when we reach the time of our lives where we want to have our family soon, or we want to give back the sacrifices of our parents or many more reasons. People have these different inspirations and motivations in dreaming of having their own home. But we know that it is not easy, and it takes a lot of hardship for our dream to come true. But nothing is impossible as long as we keep dreaming and working hard.

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As we continue to dream and work for our goals in life, we need to stay inspired and motivated for us to keep dreaming and going.

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