Important Points To Consider When buying best washing machines Singapore brands


Even before you buy a washing machine, you have to understand your needs. There are hundreds of brands in the market. These are best for both commercial and residential use. Proper research is important, based on your requirements.

  • You can select between different load types – front or top.
  • You also have to consider the efficiency factor – if you are using it every day.
  • Focus on the water inlet as well before selecting – automatic or manual feeding type.

The above mentioned three factors will help you decide the best grade washing machine for your use. In-depth research is important as well.

You need to select the best washing machines Singapore brand that suits all your needs and requirements. Below you will find helpful tips and beginners guide.

Focus on machine type

The first important factor to consider is if you need a manual, semi, or fully automatic type machine. Even when deciding this factor you need to consider water volume each type will be using. They will also vary in terms of price and functions.

Easy setting options

People often don’t prefer appliances that have complex functionalities. You should certainly be able to operate the machine easily. If you find the functions are complex, then go for manual setting washing machine

Spin cycle

The next most important point to consider is the spin cycle. This decides the wash quality of any washing machine. The cycle might different from one fabric type to another. When purchasing a manual type machine, you may not get multiple spin cycles.

This can make your selection process more difficult. Fully automatic type machines do offer with multiple spin cycle settings.


The washing machine that you purchase should be more efficient. This factor might be important in the long run. If you are using the washing machine very often, then you should focus on selecting a star rated appliance.

Fully automatic types manufactured by reputed brands are more energy efficient. Higher efficiency will help save your utility bill.

Size factor

The size, in general, is directly related to the capacity of the washing machine. Again this factor depends on the total number of people who will be using the machine at the same time. For commercial grades, you need to select machines that offer high capacity.

Top load machines offer with low capacity as compared to front-load type. When searching the market you will also come across different drum types. Each type will offer different durability. The stainless steel drum is the best alternative, but not for hard water conditions.

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