Living Room Lounge Chair Ideas To Revive The Lost Art Of Unwinding


Your living room design needs a lot of attention. This is because you will invite your guests into this room whenever they visit. Therefore, the room’s interior design will create the first impression on the guests’ minds. Most people only focus on sofa design when choosing furniture. Although the sofa is the primary furniture in your living room, you should focus on the other pieces as well. For instance, the chairs are equally important and cannot be chosen randomly. You should always choose comfortable options that will allow your guests to feel relaxed. Experts suggest choosing lounge chairs for it.

Lounge chairs are perfect for all types of seating requirements in your living room. You can use one to create a beautiful private reading nook or offer an extra seating area by the modern sofa design. They have a high comfort level and ensure that people can put their feet up and relax. Also, they are available in many attractive colours and designs that will elevate the aesthetic beauty of your living room design. In case you are not sure about the type of lounge chair you should choose, mentioned below are a few options you can consider:

01 of 0 Slipper lounge chair

A slipper lounge chair is a brilliant option for the living room. This is quite popular among homeowners because of its unique look. You can accentuate your living room design by opting for one. Their legs are quite short compared to most chairs but the back is quite big. In most cases, you will not find armrests on a slipper lounge chair. However, many modern designs are now available with armrests for extra comfort. Due to their short legs, they are much closer to the ground and make the perfect seating for kids who cannot climb high chairs. You will find two variants while choosing a slipper lounge chair. While one is small, the other is slightly oversized. Moreover, you will get many options while choosing the material. Velvet and leather are two popular options generally preferred by homeowners. They add a luxurious and elegant feel to the chair. However, you can consider other options depending on your preferences and the look of your living room.

02 of 0 Wing lounge chair

Do you want to add a statement piece to your living room interior design? You can certainly consider choosing a wingback chair for the space. Its design makes it stand out from the rest of the elements. They can be easily identified by their short legs and large back. Its extra large back support offers more comfort and allows people to stay relaxed even when they stay seated for a long time. The main reason they are called wing chairs is that there are wings sticking out from both sides of the back of the chair. Although the wings stay connected to the armrests in most cases, you can find options where the wings are not attached as well. You can choose leather or fabric upholstery depending on your choice. People mostly prefer this chair in open layouts because of their big size.

03 of 0 Club lounge chair

As you can understand from the name, a club lounge chair is found in clubs. They have a traditional and formal look. However, you can find options with modern features complementing the formal look. These chairs appear stunning and can elevate the appeal of any space. Their elegance makes them one of the most preferred choices in the market. These chairs have a versatile appearance and can be used in various house designs. However, you should avoid them in a very casual home interior design. Compared to other chair options, they are quite short. This is because of their short legs and backs. However, this does not mean that they are uncomfortable. You will get armrests with these chairs as well. Mostly, people prefer these chairs with leather upholstery.

04 of 0 Chaise lounge chairs

Have you heard of Divans? Well, a chaise lounge chair is exactly that. People love this option because they will not have to worry about investing in a separate footrest or ottoman. Also, they are preferred because you can easily find this option in a wide range of styles, designs, and patterns. Therefore, you will be able to easily find an option that complements your modern sofa design and the rest of the living room interior. However, what gives a Divan an edge over other chairs is that you can purchase a customised Divan as well. It will give you the complete freedom of choosing any material according to your choice and house design. Generally, these chairs come with a headrest but no armrests. However, you can find designs featuring both. Besides your home interiors, this chair can be used outdoors as well.

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