Preventative Roof Maintenance – The Key to Low-Cost Repairs


The roof is by far the most important component of any building, as it keeps the harsh elements at bay, and rather than waiting for something to go wrong, regular roof inspections are strongly advised. Fortunately, there are experienced roofers in Eastleigh who can carry out regular roof inspections, and should they spot any issues, they can be promptly dealt with, thus avoiding costly repairs.

Storm Damage

The most common cause for roof damage is storms, and after a spell of stormy weather, you should carry out a thorough visual inspection of the entire roof. The inspection would include:

  • Checking for broken or missing roof tiles.
  • Inspecting the guttering for blockages.
  • Chimney inspection
  • Flashing, Fascia and Soffit al need to be inspected for damage and wear and tear.

If there are sections of the roof that are not visible from the ground, don’t think about skipping the inspection, as there could well be an issue, and if it goes undetected, serious internal roof damage could occur. In the event you are unable to see every section of the roof, call your local roofing company and they can carry out the inspection.

Prompt Repairs

This is the key to low-cost roof repairs, and once an issue has been spotted, you should have it repaired as soon as possible. It might be a couple of tiles missing, and should there be heavy rain, this will allow water to enter the internal roof structure, which will result in timber damage.

Don’t take chances with your roof and with regular inspections, any repairs will be minor.







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