Reasons Why You Need to Replace a Garage Door Spring


If you have an old garage door, you may need a garage door spring replacement Austin. There are several reasons why you may need to do this. Spring-based garage doors are more reliable than others and tend to last longer. In addition, they pose fewer risks. These reasons will help you determine if it’s time to replace the spring in your door.

Torsion Springs are Sturdier

The best way to determine whether torsion or extension springs are suitable for your garage door is to measure it. You can do this by using a caliper or tape measure. Make sure to measure the inside diameter of the coil, not the rim of the end cone or the width of the coil.

Extension springs are lighter than torsion springs and run perpendicular to the garage door opening. They store energy and release it as the garage door closes and opens. There are two types of extension springs: open-looped and double-looped. Open-looped springs are the easiest to replace, while double-looped springs are more durable. Double-looped springs have two coils at each end.

Extension springs are cheaper and often used for residential garage doors. However, torsion springs are more durable and sturdier. They also have fewer exposed parts and provide a smoother opening and closing motion of the garage door.

They Last Longer

Garage door springs will eventually wear out because of everyday use. Most springs have a lifespan of about 10,000 cycles. One cycle consists of one time your garage door goes up and down. Since most of us use the garage door daily, these cycles can add up fast. On the other hand, Torsion springs are designed to last up to 20,000 cycles.

Torsion springs are more durable than extension springs. This type of spring is made to withstand more weight and have a longer lifespan. They are also easier to install and cost less than extension springs. These springs have eight to 15 years and are usually covered by a three to five-year warranty. The installation cost is slightly higher with double-door springs, as they need larger springs to carry the weight. However, labor costs remain the same.

Garage door springs should be inspected regularly for signs of wear. If they have rust, this will shorten their lifespan. Small amounts can be scrubbed off, but you should replace the spring if the rust is severe. Keeping the springs lubricated will also prolong their life.

They Pose Fewer Hazards

Garage door springs are relatively simple to replace, but the process has risks. Incorrectly replacing or repairing them can result in a broken spring and flying metal, which can be hazardous. To ensure safety, consult a garage door installation Austin professional before attempting any repairs or replacements.

The safety of your family can be greatly improved by replacing or repairing garage door springs before they break. This will prevent injuries and other damage to the door itself. Replacing these parts will also save you money in the long run. Since door springs and tracks are relatively cheap, you can afford to replace them if necessary. A good garage door should last up to ten thousand cycles.

They are Less Harmful than Extension Springs

Extension springs may be a good choice if you are looking for an inexpensive garage door repair option. They occupy less space above the door. However, they do have a disadvantage in terms of longevity. Additionally, extension springs do not support as much weight.

Torsion springs are more durable and have a longer lifespan than extension springs. They also require less maintenance and require less space than extension springs. Torsion springs are also less likely to rust, which makes them safer. Garage door safety is the top priority, so choosing the best type of spring for your garage is imperative.

Extension springs are attached to other components of the garage door system. Their purpose is to provide the lift and the return force to a component. They are generally attached to both sides of the garage door and color-coded so they can easily be replaced. It is essential to double-check each spring to make sure it is the correct size.

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