Should I Have My Home Safe Installed by a Professional?


Having your safe installed by a professional ensures that the safe complies with the requirements of your insurance company. Even if professional installation is not a stipulation from your insurer, caution should be applied when installing the safe. You should consider buying your safe from Secure Safe where all installations are done by professional safe engineers. 

Professionals Have Broad Experience

Compared to other types of equipment, you do not make a purchase for a safe very often. It’s a once in a long time kind of investment that requires extra attention. In fact, most full-sized safes are heavy and require special movement.

Professionals know how to deliver a safe to your home undamaged. But that is only part of the service. They also ensure that the safe is placed in a manner that does not cause you any injuries. They take into consideration the layout of your home before installing your safe. 

By identifying problematic issues, such as wooden stairs that cannot support your safety weight, precautions can be taken. Professionals are able to do the hefty job of moving and installing your safe without causing damage to your home.

Professionals Have Specialised Equipment

The movement and installation of safes require handling with special equipment. Professionals have heavy-duty trucks that are equipped with all the equipment they need to get the job done. Including felt pads and padded blankets to protect the flooring of your home. 

Professionals Have Insurance

Should you choose to install your home safe on your own, any damage that occurs on it will be your responsibility. However, a professional safe technician has insurance that covers any damage that may occur to your safe.

What to Expect from an Installation Technician 

Rather than damaging your home trying to install your safe, you can rely on the services provided efficiently by a specialist. Here are some benefits that come along with having you’re safe installed professionally:

Skilled Resolution

Installation technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable in their respective domains. Their knowledge of all types of safes, residential to commercial, enables them to install home safes with remarkable precision.

Moreover, safes that are fitted with Anti Explosive Devices (AED) are best handled by a specialist. A professional technician is able to ensure that the device does not go off during installation or even delivery.

Quick Response

In case you forget the code combination to your safe’s digital lock or lose the keys, your safe technician comes in handy. Professional safe technicians have standby tracks equipped with requisite tools to provide fast response services.

Remote Location Service

You may want you’re safe to be installed in a cabin situated in a remote location, far from any nearby facility. Professional safe technicians are equipped and trained to reach your site and provide you with an immediate solution. 

Professional Advice

Apart from offering full installation services, professional technicians also give you guidance on keeping the security of your safe heightened. Such as ways to keep you safe from being broken into often or how best to keep your safe keys.

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