The Cost of Home Siding: A Simple Price Guide


Home siding is not to be left unattended. If left unchecked, you can find yourself with rot, ruin, and a really big bill. In fact, water damage is one of the costliest repairs on a home.

The cost of home siding differs from place to place and depends on the amount of material and the type of material you need. We’ll go over all that and more in the article below.

Average Cost of Home Siding

Nationally the average price of home siding sits at around $8,500, with the typical price being $3-$15 per square foot. This range does include labor, so if you’re hoping to save a few bucks, you could opt to install it yourself.

The Types of Siding Materials

If you’re repairing your home, you’ll likely want to keep the materials the same as those around your damaged area. Of course, if you’re planning to remove and replace all the siding, you can do so as you like.

New builds also benefit from knowing the different types of siding, based on costs and their benefits:

Wood Siding

A popular siding for homes, and one of the most common across America. The most common wood sidings are Cedar Shake and Cedar Clapboard.

Cedar shake costs anywhere from $4-$8 per square foot. This includes labor in the cost, but it does not include paint, which costs extra.

Cedar clapboard is your more traditional siding that can be painted or left natural. This siding costs $5-$9 per square foot.

The reason cedar is so popular is that it is rot and insect resistant.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is another popular choice for similar reasons, especially in the northeast and midwest. It’s easy to maintain and has high durability against the elements. On average, vinyl siding costs anywhere from $3-$10 per square foot.

Vinyl has a lot of different grades and styles making it look marvelous on many different homes.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum is great because it is moisture resistant and doesn’t get brittle in harsh weather. Naturally, the metal aesthetic is harder to paint or modify and it is prone to dents and bumps. Not great if you experience a lot of hail where you live.

The cost of aluminum ranges from $3-$7 per square foot.


Many might not realize that most “brick homes” are a brick veneer. That’s because full brick siding can be costly, ranging anywhere from $7-$15 per square foot.

What should be noted is how durable brick is. There’s a reason so many homes use it, and the look it gives off is simply timeless.

Alas, brick is difficult to install properly and requires an expert mason. Raleigh locals will benefit from this siding installation contractor should they go with an option like brick.


Stucco is long-lasting, just like its peers. The cost is somewhere in the middle, at $7-$12 per square foot. Like vinyl, there’s very little maintenance involved and can come in a variety of aesthetics.

Considerations, Materials, and Quotes

As you can see, the cost of home siding ranges quite a lot. That means you have room to negotiate and see what you can do to lower that cost.

If you’re building a home or need to replace the entire siding, choose something that lasts forever, doesn’t require tons of upkeep, and looks great. Spending a few extra dollars upfront can save you redoing it all a few years later.

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