Top Issues to Look for in Your New Home, Sweet Hoe


Moving into a new house is exciting; you get to rearrange your furniture, choose your own decor, and figure out your new surroundings. As you work on packing your belongings and securing a moving company, don’t forget to check your new house for these issues.

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Heavy Metals

Heavy metals such as lead are poisonous, but that knowledge is relatively new. Houses that are around 100 years old probably have lead paint and may also have lead pipes. Have a professional check your house for lead dust or paint and invest in water testing Fort Myers Florida to make sure your water pipes are also lead-free. This step is especially important if you have kids since lead causes developmental delays.


Depending on how long your new house has been empty, it probably has some mold growth. While several kinds of mold are harmless, others cause severe allergic reactions, and they all smell bad. Check every surface in your home for mold, including the insides of cabinets and behind your refrigerator and washer. Regular household products are usually effective at killing mold, but serious infestations require professional disinfecting. For persistent cases, purchase a dehumidifier and leave it running as you move in.

Old Wiring

You count on electrical wires to power all your devices and machines, but if the wiring is old, you’re at risk for a house fire. Also, sometimes animals get into the wall and chew through the wires, causing the system to fail. Have an electrician inspect the wiring before you use the electricity to avoid further damaging your electrical system.

Ensure that your move is surprise-free by checking your house for these problems before you arrive. With patience and the help of professionals, your house becomes safe for your family to live in, even if you have to delay your moving date.

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