Top Tips on How to Make a Small Kitchen Appear Bigger


There are many ways to make a small kitchen appear larger, you just have to be clever with your design and work closely with a professional kitchen designer.

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It is important to keep lighting bright and simple when dealing with a small kitchen. If you’ve high ceilings in your home, a light shade will look amazing. Instead of going for standard lights, consider fitting LED lighting for a first-class finish.

If you’ve a low ceiling in your kitchen, avoid fitting low hanging features. Some of the best kitchen designers in Wokingham recommend integrating LED lights into your ceiling to enhance its visual appeal and create an illusion of space.

There are many ways to make your kitchen seem bigger with the use of clever lighting, consider these tricks during the installation process.

  • Highlight focal points
  • Strategically place LED lights in the ceiling
  • Add lights beneath your cabinets
  • Install spotlights above your worktop

White Colours

When installing a new kitchen, choosing white units and appliances will help to make this area seem bigger than it is. White reflects light, making your room feel more open and spacious. Along with white coloured kitchen cabinets and countertops, you can also use similar colours for your walls. If you’ve items protruding from the walls, such as radiators, cover them up and paint them the same colour to integrate and camouflage.

Using the right colours and lighting is important when making a small kitchen look bigger, your kitchen designer will have various other tips on how to create the perfect illusion.

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