UK Summer Pests That Can Invade your Home


The United Kingdom comes alive in the summer, and we tend to take our spectacular countryside for granted, often passing up the chance to take a country walk, yet summer is also a very busy time for animals and insects. There are quite a few life forms that come under the pest category, and if you live in the British Isles, you are likely at risk of a pest invasion from the following creatures.

  • Rats and MiceAsk any Essex pest control technician and they will confirm that rodents are a common visitor to homes, mainly due to easy food access and, of course, shelter. This hardy family has managed to conquer all the continents (with the exception of the poles), and can literally be found everywhere.
  • Bees & Wasps – Very dangerous, these stinging insects become very aggressive when their nest is threatened in any way, and rather than risking multiple stings, you are advised to contact your local pest control company. Signs of a nearby nest includes seeing a lot more than usual, and they might be heading in a similar direction, with favourite places being trees and under the eaves of the house.
  • Ants – Amazingly industrial, the many species of ants all have a common goal, and when they decide to relocate, your home could be on their list. Attracted to sweet things, the best way to deal with an ant infestation is to call in the local pest control firm, who have a range of strategies for dealing with ants.

If you think you have a pest problem at home, call in your local pest control company and they will effectively remove the unwanted guests.








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