Washing Facades Of Buildings: Cleaning Works


It is believed that it is advisable to carry out regular washing of facades than to renew them by painting. Thus, you can save on the purchase of expensive materials and avoid the layering of incompatible paints. Even if there is a need to paint the facade in a new color, cleaning and washing the surface cannot be avoided anyway. In everyday life, they use all kinds of technologies for cleaning facades, and everything depends on the design of buildings and the used facing materials.

If natural materials were used in the decoration (plaster, brick, natural or decorative stone), then the facade will accumulate dirt in cracks, which in turn will contribute to its destruction. To prevent this, facades must be washed thoroughly. You can order a similar service for a certain price, which will include the work of specialists with aerial platforms or industrial climbers and the materials used.

High-rise washing of the facade with repeated application of cleaners will be expensive, but cheaper with a regular flush with water. If the house is small and you decide to do what you want on your own, when choosing detergents, consider the structure of the wall: it can be either smooth or porous. And this has its own meaning.

Main types of pollution

  • Mineral contamination (rust, efflorescence, cement stains, patina and ground dirt)
  • Organic pollution (soot, grease, moss, vegetation and mold)
  • Gas and heavy metal pollution

Cleaning of plastic and glass facades is carried out thanks to various cleaning compounds that can protect the cladding from environmental influences. Before cleaning the facade, it is necessary to test and determine the most optimal cleaning agent.

Washing high-rise buildings: the possibilities of industrial mountaineering

How does this happen? Experienced climbers connect the hose to the tap from the water supply and begin to actively water the facade. After that, using a sprayer, they apply a cleanser and wash the facade again to wash away this agent and accumulated dirt.

Despite the entire size of high-rise buildings, the possibilities of industrial mountaineering and tools make it possible to quickly produce the so-called “cleaning” and update the appearance.

Technological features

When washing facades at high altitude, the following equipment is usually used: a rope, climbing harness, support with hooks and other plastic devices – sponges, brushes, scrapers. Water is supplied with a hose or using a high-pressure apparatus. After washing the facade with water, it is important to clean the windows with the help of special compounds, polish the spiers, weathercocks and letters. Of course, such work is carried out during the warm season. However, there are also technologies for cleaning high-rise buildings using automated systems.

Power washing the facade with a high-pressure cleaner

We often see this option in the spring on the streets of the city. The device must be installed on the roof, after which the climbers begin washing the facade. If there is not enough hose, they resort to using a special device attached to a strong rope.

If, while washing the facade, you use a high-pressure apparatus, for example, the Karcher familiar to our ears, then much less water will be consumed than with a hose.

Modern high-pressure cleaners are designed so that they have a separate reservoir for chemical detergents, which immediately enter the hose and mix with water if necessary. The lifting height of the carbon telescopic handle reaches 25 meters. It can be held in the hands of even one person.

Technological features

It is necessary to connect the water supply to the tank, which has its own control unit, and attach the brush with a built-in sprayer to the bar with two thin tubes. With the help of carbon fiber elements, you need to assemble the structure, unscrew the taps and let water along with the chemical solution through the brush. Experienced climbers involved in washing do these simple steps without much difficulty. Ideally, washing should be done with preliminary deionization of water, which will not leave behind traces of sediment. Professional power washing service near you https://windowwashingexpert.com/power-washing/.

Self-washing of the facade

If you decide to do a facelift at home, you will have to start by pre-cleaning the facade of paint that has already peeled off sealant, cement and other contaminants. Cleansing is done with a safe slightly alkaline solution. Depending on what type of pollution, a certain chemical detergent is chosen.

For self-washing, you will need the following inventory:

  • Ladder, scaffolding or aerial platform if needed
  • Soft coat with a long handle for applying detergent. Below is a video of the new carbon handles
  • Ties designed to collect dirt from slides and windows
  • Hose or automatic water dispenser. You can get by with an ordinary capacious bucket

Soft fur coats will help to evenly apply the detergent, and screeds will help wash the dirt from the windows. It is important to have an advanced chemical wash that can quickly clean the facade without the use of mechanical stress. Pressure washing company https://windowwashingexpert.com/power-washing/pressure-washing-barrington/.

Technological features

If the height of the house is not high, then it is necessary to use a ladder or aerial platform to reach the upper sections of the facade. Cover the surface with a remover using a sprayer or brush and wait a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water and treat with a water repellent. Now the walls of the facade will take on an updated appearance and will be able to retain moisture.

It is up to you to clean the facade and windows yourself or with the help of a professional company. But one must agree with one thing – the specialists will do everything quickly and efficiently, and the result will please you for a long time.

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