Washing Machine: How To Choose Which One To Buy


Not everyone is in love with doing the laundry, but you cannot escape it. Having a reliable washing machine to clean the clothes for you will ease your load. But with so many washing machines at The Good Guys, how do you choose the best one?

Washer type

You have to decide first what type of washer you want. A traditional top-load machine is less expensive to buy, but you will end up spending more over time. This type of appliance uses more energy.

A stacked washer-dryer unit is ideal for areas with limited space. A washer-dryer combo can be great for apartments since it fits under a standard kitchen countertop. Since it does not need any air vent, you can retrofit it into a rental apartment.

Energy ratings

You should check which one lets you save electricity and water. Front-load, high-efficiency models have the best energy efficiency. Compare the Energy Guide figures for competing washers. Look for the yellow stickers that tell you how much it will cost to use each washer model per year.


A lot of washers need plumbing installations. But there are some combo units or compact spin washers you can connect via an adapter to the kitchen faucet. Consult a plumber first if your home is not washer-ready. You should put the washer or dryer in an area where you can have no difficulties when using it.

Capacity and size

You need to check the volume of the inner drum. A 3- to 4-cubic foot washer can handle 12 to 16 pounds of laundry. A 5-cubic foot washing machine can accommodate up to 20 pounds of laundry.

The height, width, and depth are also vital. You will need 1 to 3 inches at each side, 4 to 6 inches at the back, and 20 to 25 inches in front of the door or above the door.

Top-load or front-load

It costs a lot less if you buy the traditional top-loader. It is also more comfortable to load. Front-load models have the best energy ratings and have the highest spin speed. It means less drying time.

High-efficiency washers need low-sudsing HE detergent and more care. These are available in both top-load or front-load models and offer more cycles and convenience features than traditional top-loaders.

Performance and cycles

Traditional top-loaders offer fewer washing cycles and shorter wash times. Front-loaders have better performance and are more gentle on clothes. That is because they do not have agitators, but it means longer washing cycles.

Other features you should check out for are steam, delay wash, extra rinse, and pre-soak. Look if you can find a stainless steel non-rusting washer tub. Having dispensers for softener and bleach, and end-of-cycle signals are also great features. Some models also offer automatic self-adjusting water temperature and level features.

Once you have found the right washing machine for your needs, you must take care of it so it will last long.

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