What Are Retractable Patio Screens and Where Are They Used?


There are so many problems in homes like mosquitoes and other diseases that might be lurking in your homes because of which homeowners think that putting screen doors is the best choice ever. But what if a mosquito can go inside the screen?

Then the hidden answer is retractable patio screens that are pulled out of casting of a door from opening to covering for letting fresh air come in and coming mosquitoes and other insects at bay. These patios can be installed on top of an open porch that is covered by a garage or patio. These screens are handy retracting into the casting when not in use.

These typically glide along the track as well and retractable patio screens are made manually for large openings found on porches and covered by patios sometimes.

  1. Why would you think of installing these screens?

Many you are having an attractive door that you don’t want to hide behind a traditional door. Or you might need screens only at that time when it is the season of mosquitoes. If you are having a deck or patio, you might be willing to convert it into screened space occasionally making your outside time to be pleasant and space turns out to become more usable over the year.

What Are Retractable Patio Screens and Where Are They Used

  1. Is there any downside to these patio screens?

If you are living at a place where you are needing a storm door in protecting your entry door for making it energy efficient, then you will not be requiring retractable patio screens in that case. And with the opening of the door where security is considered to be an issue, then you would be comfortable putting a lock on the retractable doors for further security purposes.

  1. What should be checked while shopping for these screens?

The screen should be smooth enough for rolling efficiently and not create jerking mode. Try looking for screens having subtle patterns and where the full screen is covering an opening, make sure that people can find a screen in the opening. If you want the screens to match the color options in your home, you can try out different colors for it as well.

  1. Sizes of these screens

These screens come in the standard door opening sizes like the French doors. Many companies also provide customized options for the same fitting to even non-fitting standards like a porch, door, or even patio.

  1. What do they cost?

The standard size of 32 to 36-inch costs about $170. If you are making custom doors, then it might be more expensive.

These are some of the things to know about these screens. Decide what you want and then use it for your back yard.

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