When To Rely on Specialty Movers


If you’re getting ready for a move, you are likely trying to get everything planned and organized. You might already have the packing figured out and have hired movers, but are you sure you’ve hired the right kind of movers? Not all movers have the skills or equipment to move everything. Here are sometimes that you should call in a specialty mover.

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Pool Table

Pool tables are a lot of fun in a home, but they are beasts to move. If they aren’t moved correctly, they could become damaged in the process. A leg could be damaged when it’s removed, the felt could tear, or you could even find that the table is no longer level. If those things happen, you’ll have to spend a lot more money getting it repaired.

When you rely on specialty pool table movers, you can know that your table will arrive at your new home safely. Pool table movers Durham NC have the necessary tools and experience to handle it correctly. If you do find that your table gets damaged in the moving process, the movers will have insurance that will cover the costs of repairs.


Attempting to move the piano yourself or relying on movers without the proper tools can quickly turn into chaos. Someone could get injured, or the piano could get damaged. Professional piano movers have the correct tools to move the piano without damaging it, and you won’t find that you need to retune it after the move.


When you’re moving, you don’t want to simply throw some bubble wrap about the piece and throw it into a box. You’ve likely spent a lot of money on your collection, and you should do what it takes to ensure it makes it to your new home safely.

Specialty art movers will protect the face of the art and the frame to make sure that they are each protected in the move. They’re then going to place them in a special box to help prevent accidents from them being moved.

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