3 Additional Services That Your Local Locksmith Can Provide In Your Area.


I’ve done it, you’ve done it and we all have done it at some time in our busy lives. You are in a rush to get out of the office or the house and you pull the door behind you and then realise, that you have left the keys inside. It’s a surreal moment, standing there realising that you have locked yourself out and the only way to get back in is to break a window or ring a locksmith. Breaking a window is definitely the completely wrong choice, but it’s 11 o’clock at night and you need to get back in to get the keys.

Thankfully, there is an emergency locksmith in Andover who is available 24 hours a day and they understand that things happen and people make mistakes. They are not there to judge you, only to get you back into your property with the minimum of fuss. They offer a number of services.

  1. Even UPVC locks can be replaced by your local locksmith and he carries a stock in supply at all times. He will also offer you additional keys that you can give to someone you trust, so that this doesn’t happen again.
  2. Locksmiths now understand that people want to be secure in their own homes and they now provide CCTV security systems and they install them as well.
  3. If you were foolish enough to try to break a window to gain entry but failed, they can also replace your window glass for you, even double glazing if required.

Your local locksmith is available to you at all times to get you back into your property. Keep him on your speed dial.

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