3 Great Tips for Creating a Backyard Play Space for Kids


Looking for ways to inspire your kids to play outdoors? These three exciting backyard additions will encourage your kids to put down the screens and head outdoors for some active fun.

1. Build a Custom Playground

When it comes to getting kids excited about outdoor play, there’s nothing quite like a backyard playground. There are plenty of playground kits that you can customize to meet the individual needs of your children. To cushion falls and keep your kids safe as they play, surround your playground with a six-inch-thick layer of soft fill, which you can get from your local service for mulch delivery Towson MD.

2. Create a Backyard Obstacle Course

Give kids of all ages a fun challenge by designing and constructing a simple obstacle course in your backyard. Choose your obstacles based upon the ages and skill levels of your kids – some classic examples include a rope swing, tire run, and maybe even a balance beam. Again, you’ll want to put safety first and cover the area below your obstacles with soft mulch or play sand. The best part about building your own obstacle course is that you’re free to move and adjust the obstacles as needed, providing your kids with new challenges as they get older.

3. Install a Sandbox

Adding a sandbox to your backyard is a simple project that will inspire hours of imaginative play. You can build one yourself using pressure treated timbers that will stand up to the elements or get creative and use a polyethylene koi pond liner recessed into the ground to make a free-form sandbox will inspire kids to dig, sift, shape and sculpt.

Keep your kids close to home as they play by creating a backyard with features that they’ll love. Follow these tips and you’ll encourage your kids to pursue healthy activity and movement in the great outdoors.

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