A Guide to Basic Boiler Servicing


If you have a gas central heating system in your home, the boiler should be serviced on a regular basis, as this is the very heart of the system, and without regular maintenance, you run the risk of a heating breakdown. Here are some of the aspects that a boiler service would entail.

  • Inspecting the Burner – The heating engineer would request that you fire up the central heating about one hour prior to his arrival, as this allows him to inspect the system while it is in operation. The best boiler services in Teignmouth are carried out by a gas-safe heating engineer and he would look at the colour of the flame, which should be blue.
  • Checking for Leaks – Both water and gas could leak, and the latter would be very dangerous, which is why the engineer would take the time to fully inspect all joints, looking for any signs of a leaking system.
  • Checking the Accuracy of the Thermostat – The thermostat is the device that tells the boiler when to fire up and shut down, and should the thermostat be inaccurate, this could result in using too much fuel. While a thermostat can be repaired, most of the time a replacement is recommended, which ensures that the heating is working to its full capacity.
  • Inspecting the Flue – The flue is a critical component, as it channels way harmful carbon monoxide fumes, which could be fatal if not directed to the exterior of the property. There should be on obstructions to the flue, and the engineer would ensure that all is well.

If your boiler has not been serviced for a while, call out your nearest heating company, who can carry out the service, while also inspecting the entire system.

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