A Guide to Block Paving Driveways


If you are fed up with the constant repairs needed on your asphalt driveway and would like something more permanent, you couldn’t find a better material than block paving. The following benefits come with a block paving driveway:

  • Stunning Designs – The blocks come in a range of rich colours, and by combining two shades, you can create a unique pattern. Talk to your local driveway company in Stourbridge, who would have many images of fine examples that demonstrate what can be achieved with block paving.

  • Stands the Test of Time – If the block paving is installed on a concrete base, there’s little that can go wrong, and the paving will withstand even a heavy vehicle without a problem. You can expect a 10-year warranty on a block paving driveway, which is a reflection of the standard of workmanship.

  • Semi- Permeable – This means the rainwater can drain through the blocks, and with a drainage system laid under the base, excess rainwater will be drained away naturally.

  • Easy to Clean – A power wash every few months will leave the driveway looking like new, and even oil stains can be removed with ease. Non-slip surface in both wet and dry conditions makes for a safer environment, especially in the snow and ice.

  • Professional Installation – This is critical, and the supplier should be a company that has been servicing the local community for at least a few years, with lots of positive customer testimonials.

If you would like to discuss the many options with a local driveway specialist, a Google search is the best place to begin.

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