Bringing Exterior Walls to Life


It has to be said, exterior walls aren’t generally very attractive. Unlike interior walls, you cannot hang pictures or wallpaper on exterior walls, so you have to rely on the skills of an experienced builder to help you bring your external walls to life. Scottish homes generally experience the worst weather in the UK, so you need something hardwearing and durable in order to keep the property looking good. If you are based in Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow roughcast render might be an option. Roughcast render protects the brickwork and exterior walls from the very worst the elements can throw at it and is a popular choice for many homeowners. Aside from roughcast render, good Scottish builders can also help with:

  • Harling
  • Wet Dash
  • Exterior Insulation Boarding
  • Traditional Lime Render
  • Acrylic and Polymer Render

If you think your home might benefit from one or more of the rendering applications detailed above, contact your local builder for advice.

Table of Contents

Finding a Quality Builder

Finding a quality builder who is experienced in rendering is harder than you might think. If you have friends or family that have had similar jobs carried out on their homes, be sure to ask them for their rendering specialists’ contact details. If this is not an option, your search will begin on the internet. Simply type in your ‘location + external rendering’ and you should be presented with a number of companies who can do this work in your locality. Remember to get a number of quotations before you settle on any one tradesman.

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