Eco-Friendly Roofing Solutions


We all strive to reduce our carbon footprint, and there are eco-friendly ways you can insulate your roof, especially in the harsh UK climate. The lighter the colour of your roof, the more it will reflect the sun’s rays, and cool roofing is very popular, as it help to retain heat, and every little helps. Some of the best roofing in Leeds utilises eco-friendly materials, and an online search will help you locate an eco-friendly roofing contractor.

  • Additional Insulation – There’s nothing to stop you having an extra layer of insulation fitted under the roof tiles, and re-roofing, which involves installing another set of roof tiles on top of the existing tiles, is a form of insulation.
  • State of the Art Roof Tiles – A new generation of roof tiles are emerging, those with small solar panels inbuilt into the material, which allow you to harvest the sun’s energy, and there are no ugly solar panels. This is an expensive investment, yet, like most new technology, prices will come down. Rather than trying to reflect the heat, you can actually harness it to supplement your grid use, and if you generate more electricity than you need, you can sell it to your local power provider.
  • Metal Roofing – Recyclable, a metal roof is an attractive proposition, and one that will last for many decades. Talk to an eco-friendly roofing company, who can make a few recommendations for eco-friendly roof solutions.

Eco-friendly roofing in a wise long-term investment, and more and more UK homeowners are realising this and taking advantage of eco-friendly roofing solutions.

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