The Best Types of Windows and Doors in Edmonton for Maximizing Natural Light


We all love the midmorning. Not just because of anything but because of the sun. It’s a God-given privilege that makes life in Edmonton less stressful. The sun makes you lively and more inspired. Actually, studies show that sunshine is important in stabilizing serotonin levels. The effects of this will surprise you – reduced stress, better mood, and general relaxation.

Is your house not letting in enough sunshine? Don’t worry. There’s a solution for this. All you have to do to encourage maximum natural light is to replace your windows and doors in Edmonton. It may cost you a few dollars but it’s all worth it considering what you are gaining. You just need to know what doors and windows are the best to install in Edmonton.

The Best Windows

Are your windows too opaque to allow light in? Are they too compact to open comfortably? You should replace them with these types:

Bifold windows: These windows are designed to fold back when opening. They generally guarantee uninterrupted natural light penetration and ventilation. They are very flexible to be fitted anywhere at home.

Sliding windows: If your windows are facing the patio, the footpath or the garden, this type is ideal. The windows are made of fiberglass, vinyl or wood and are designed to slide sideways. The advantage is that you can regulate the light by controlling the sliding.

Double-hung windows: In Edmonton, these window types are associated with country homes. This is because they have a rustic appeal. They feature two panels which move upwards and downwards.

Casement windows: These windows are almost similar to double-hung type; only that they are taller. Thus, they are great for the living room or kitchen. Their style is classic and so they are great for modern-styled houses.

The Best Doors

Are you aware that doors bring in as much sunlight as windows? If you weren’t, it’s time you make the discovery by fitting glass doors. Since glass is naturally light-permitting, you are guaranteed maximum sunshine. You can regulate the light using curtains. Here are the commonest glass door types to fit at home:

Bifold Doors: These doors are designed to work the same way as bifold windows. However, unlike their window counterparts, they fully open when pushed back.

Sliding Doors: These doors are also designed as their windows counterpart. They are great at saving space since they can slide alongside the wall.

Stacking Doors: These doors are similar in design to the sliding doors. However, they come with extra panels that slide alongside the wall. So, they encourage more sunlight than sliding doors.

French Doors: Sometimes known as hinge doors, these doors come with panels that allow maximum sunlight. They are ideal for the entrance.

Dutch Doors: These doors are not completely glass. They are made of two sections. The upper section is glass while the lower is wood.

Sunshine is an opportunity that you need to take advantage of. You can maximize its availability through the right doors and windows in Edmonton. The options are many in the market as seen above. You just need to find the one that matches the style of your home.

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