Is It Possible To Wash Building Facades In Winter?


The owners of office and shopping centers are very interested in maintaining the attractive appearance of this property, so they periodically order washing of facades. Usually such work is carried out twice a year – in spring and autumn, but there are exceptions. Sometimes objects need to be washed more frequently (due to location and other reasons). In such situations, customers begin to be interested in the possibility of obtaining the desired service at other times of the year.

Quite often, customers try to find out how facades are washed in winter and whether it is possible to order such a service for adequate money. We will present answers to this and related questions in the framework of the article. Consider the very possibility of processing facades in winter. Then we will tell you by whom and how the relevant work is performed.

Is it possible to wash facades in winter?

Experienced cleaners providing such a service take orders mainly during the warm season (from mid-April to October) – with a guaranteed positive temperature and the possibility of choosing the optimal weather conditions. However, this alignment is justified only by logic and the desire to do the job as efficiently as possible.

If desired, you can order service in the winter. There are no legal restrictions. Cleaners don’t mind either. But only if the temperature is not lower than -10°C. Otherwise, the efficiency of work will tend to zero.

So how do they wash the facades of buildings in winter?

The choice of washing method depends on the air temperature outside. If it is positive, then the following facade cleaning methods are used:

  • Fluid treatment under pressure. With the help of special portable devices, the cleaners jet water, splitting the dirt on the surface of the facade.
  • Sandblasting. The principle is the same as the method above, but cleaning is done with a mixture of sand and air. The method allows you to split most types of dirt, as well as eliminate mold and other biological formations.
  • Manual cleaning. Cleaners wash building facades in winter by using telescopic brushes soaked in solutions. This is a very long and laborious, but the most effective and cheapest option.

If the temperature outside is zero or below zero, then the approach to the provision of services changes. The same treatment with pressure washing is not allowed, since when using such a solution, traces of liquid remain on the walls of the serviced structures, which then dry out. At temperatures up to 0°C, they can freeze, which will have an extremely negative impact not only on the appearance of the building, but also on the operational properties of the facade material. For this reason, most cleaners refuse to provide the mentioned service to their clients. More information of pressure washing here

However, in some situations (albeit rarely), the cleaners meet the needs of their customers and clean the facades in winter at temperatures below 0°C. They perform the task by using special solutions that do not freeze at low temperatures. Typically, representatives of cleaning companies use a mixture based on water and isopropanol. This is a good option for processing the walls of structures in cold weather. At -10°C and below, we remind you that buildings are not washed.

How concrete cleaners wash facades in winter can be clarified directly with the performers. It is advisable to do this before starting work. At least in order to avoid possible disputes with the cleaning organization responsible for the event, and to understand what results should be expected from the proposed service. Some companies even allow you to watch how their employees wash the facades of buildings in winter to give a visual assessment of the quality of service. For many customers, this is the preferred option.

How are facades washed in winter without the involvement of cleaners?

Some people practice washing facades on their own in winter, but such a decision is very reckless. First, the process is quite lengthy. Even if you wash a one-story building with an area of ​​​​about 100 square meters, the work will take at least a few hours. During this time, it is easy to freeze and get sick. Secondly, to purchase high-quality detergents, you will need to place a special order. These consumables are not commercially available. Of course, you can make the desired mixture yourself, but with an error in the proportions, the facade can be irretrievably damaged. The same will happen in case of violation of the technological process. Therefore, it is better not to take risks, but to order cleaning services in specialized organizations. Especially in winter, when experience plays a decisive role in the mentioned issue.


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