Making Your Home Green Will Save You Money


There is a trend around the world for going green in every aspect of your life. This includes the car you drive the clothing you wear, and the type packaging you except when you go to the supermarket or to a takeout restaurant. Going green is a product of wanting to improve the planet by helping to create cleaner are water and land. The planet also has a big issue with overheating and an abundance of carbon dioxide that contributes to increased temperatures around the world. Going green allows each of us to do our part in making a better planet for a cells in our children.

Perhaps the most important area for us to focus on when going green is the home. There many ways for us to do positive things for the planet as we go about our daily lives around the places we live. Societies today offer many ideas for going green that are proven and that offer great benefits for those willing to do things differently. One great benefit to those who agree to go green around their homes is that they can save money. Here are some green home ideas to consider that will put more green in your pocket.

Replace your Older AC unit

Your home ac is the most expensive appliance in your home. Home air conditioners provide us and our families with comfort on the warmest days of the year. In many parts of the world they are necessary appliance and even contribute to saving lives. AC units are highly efficient machines delivering quality air conditioning when they are newer.

Their lifespan is typically about 12 years and it can be expected to deliver the highest quality air during the first ten years of operation period after that the quality of the air coming from the air conditioner will degrade and the cost of operating the air conditioner will increase.

In some cases and older air conditioner will leave in put out air pollution. The best option when you have an old air conditioner is to replace it with a newer and much more efficient air conditioning unit using less fuel to put out better quality air. Today’s high quality air conditioning units are up to 30% more efficient than the ones manufactured 20 years ago. Whether you prefer a ducted air conditioner, one with a multi split system, or reverse cycle air conditioner, purchasing a new unit will save you money and help to make a greener planet.

Strategic landscaping

Landscaping your yard strategically is a way that you can help to make a greener planet. When you use plants to beautify your yard you’re also helping to put more oxygen into the air and decrease the amount of carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas. So planting is a way for you to do your part. You can make the best contribution by planting in a way that cools your home. Placing trees and shrubbery near windows and sliding door areas will allow your house to be cooler throughout the day.

This will cause you to have lower air conditioning bills there by using less fuel. Today most department of energy have plans for homeowners on how to place different types of trees and other greenery around your yard so that you can make a great impact on the interior temperature of your home. These plans are free online, use them to make a greener planet and save you money too.

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