Moving House Checklist; What You Need To Do When Moving


Today, we will be telling you everything you need to do before moving into a new house. Moving is a tedious task and packing your stuff can start months before. But what comes along with it is highly unorganized spaces; house and even head. And last-minute adjustments and planning. Professionals totally understand your packing needs and want you to move into your house stress-free, without leaving any stone unturned. 

We have combined a list of the things that are essential when you are moving into a new house. 

So let us start your first step to packing: 

Start planning 4 weeks in advance 

Only when you plan to move at least 4 weeks in advance can you move out without leaving anything behind. You will be moving into a new house and almost start a new house there. This might sound a bit emotional, but this thought keeps reiterating in your head every time. This is the main reason for your exhaustion during the process. 

Keep this in mind every time you procrastinate packing or any other “moving” related stuff. 

Make a checklist 

Now that you have started planning, the easiest way to not miss out on anything is by making a checklist.  

The best way to write a perfect checklist is by making 2 checklists. The first is the list of all the things you need to pack i.e. books, clothes, furniture, etc and the second is the to-do list i.e. informing the bank about the address change, buying a new internet connection in the new house, etc.

Make sure you print out this list and keep them handy. That way even if you finish the moving work on the go or at leisure you won’t forget checking it off the checklist. 

Plan your work week-wise 

It is important you sort your to-do list as per weeks before moving. You don’t want to do the packing on the last day and buy new stuff on the day you shift. 

You can plan following this guideline:

#Week 4 – You should do the official and documents related work like informing the bank, address changes, ownership changes, insurances etc at least 4 weeks before you move out. Submitting and acquiring new documents is a tedious task and can take time. It is better you start them well in advance. 

#Week 3 – Utilize this week in finishing all work-related or other house-related stuff that has been pending before you move out. You can utilize this week as a pre-packing week. Make sure you buy all the packing stuff, print out stickers for boxes, check the measurements of the new house, see what all may and may not fit in the new house, arrange as per that. 

#Week 2 – Utilize this week for packing. 

#Week 1 – Before moving into a new house make sure you finish off all the consumables, food etc. Also your gas, fuels etc. Return all the stuff you borrowed or have rented for the house. Bid Adieu to the neighbors. Arrange for a farewell party if your budget allows. 

The day of moving 

If you have been planning for this day well in advance, this day will be less tiring for you. Make sure you have rested enough the previous day. Also, keep your to-do list and packing list handy and keep checking. And most importantly don’t stay empty stomach. Keep food and water handy. Make sure you arrange for daycare for children and pets. 

Once you have moved into the new house make sure you unpack soon as you can contact the movers in case anything is missing. Make sure you have looked for a food and water shop/outlet close to your house as unpacking and arranging can take up days altogether. 

Bonus: Book for a storage service 

There can be stuff you cannot carry with you. Either your house is smaller, you have bought new stuff or you are leaving for a really far away destination were carrying all your old stuff is not possible. 

Consider booking for storage space. They come in various sizes as per your need. Check out Winchester Storage! Whether you’re moving house locally, nationally or even abroad, these professionals allow you to keep all your belongings and furniture in one place with our storage warehouse. You can also store some of your precious stuff in case you don’t want that damaged during travel. 

So, there you have it. Our most comprehensive list of things you need to do before moving. 

So how are you going to plan for your moving day? Do you have a better way or are you going to follow our guide? Let us know in the comments below.

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