Mistakes to Avoid While Installing Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood flooring is an advantage that contributes to your home’s resale value and you don’t have to compromise on the price or the installation. Most homeowners make major mistakes when they seek out DIY projects that sacrifice finish consistency. Because of these mistakes one might have to redo the entire flooring which leads to additional costs and labor. Here, we have highlighted the common mistakes most people make during hardwood floor installation Overland Park KS, and how to prevent them.

Choosing the Wrong Hardwood Species

Different hardwood species have different characteristics and as a consequence, they react differently to foot traffic and climate. Based on what you need and your circumstances choose the hardwood type. For example, if you have a large dog, a hardwood species with greater resistance to scratches should be chosen. Choosing a shiny finish will definitely highlight the stains and wear. When your locality’s atmosphere fluctuates and is damp, consider adding weatherproof polyurethane and resin coating to the flooring.

Not Following Decor Related Works

Flooring is only one component of home decoration and you must do it in the correct order when installing or refinishing it so that other construction works do not ruin your freshly constructed floors. Many works include home furnishing, cabinetry, plumbing and electrical work that can be messy and damage the flooring. Seek to complete all of these tasks before beginning the flooring installation to ensure that your flooring is intact.

Not Allowing Sufficient Time to Adapt 

Wooden floorboards need a certain amount of time to acclimatize to the environment in your house. The time period varies between species. In order to reduce the chances of warping and gaps during construction, it is important to allow the boxed floorboards to sit in the room for a few days before hardwood floor installation Overland Park KS.

Compromising the Quality for Budget

When you slash the budget, you can be sacrificing the price too. In later years, cutting the budget on your option of flooring and installation service will cost you much more. Homeowners typically opt for dubious credibility cheaper contractors, pick cheap materials and attempt to build them themselves.

Waxing the Floor Degrades

The easiest way to preserve the shine was by polishing the wooden floor from time to time with a wax coat. Yet the hardwood planks are being handled with water or oil-based polyurethane to extend their luster in modern times. Waxing over polyurethane degrades the coating and reduces the longevity of its presence. If the coating is compromised you will need to refinish services earlier than expected. Homeowners commit these errors only because of a lack of knowledge. The above mistakes can be easily avoided by hiring a competent contractor at your disposal and by consulting experts on the best options you have.

It is always recommended to hire the professionals to perform the hardwood floor installation rather than doing it yourself. If you are looking for professionals, you can rely on Express Hardwood Floors. We also perform hardwood floor repair Overland Park KS

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