Why Gutter Maintenance is Important


Cleaning gutters is one of the most ignored chores by the majority of homeowners. Failure to properly maintain your gutters may cause them not to function the way they should. When the gutters are clogged, they may detach from the side of your house, leaving a chance for water to get through. That can lead to damaged shingles, officiants, peeled paint, and rotted wood fascia.

Gutter leakages cause most water problems you see in the basement. There are many you can prevent gutter problems associated with a lack of proper maintenance. Either you can discipline yourself by cleaning the gutter, or you can use gutter mesh to keep the debris away. 

How to Maintain Your Gutter

Secure Gutters

To repair loose gutters, change the gutter spikes with gutter screws through a cordless drill. Standard gutter spikes do not hold much better than gutter screws, providing security and support. 

Clean Gutters

Always perform regular cleanliness to remove debris from the gutters and leaves. 

Water Runoff

Check to see that if the water is coming out of downspouts is diverted away from a downspout extension, splash blocks, or irrigation pipe.

Seal Leaks

To seal any leakage, use a hose to check the seams for leaks and joints. If the joint is leaking, you can repair it by first cleaning that area thoroughly and apply silicone caulk to seal it. 

Repair Downspouts

First, you have to make sure the downspouts are clear of debris and leaves and that any joints fit together correctly.

Gutter Protection Products

You can buy gutter covers to prevent debris, animals, insects, and pests from entering your gutter. The gutter covers are designed to keep debris out of your gutter. However, they work differently, as some are effective than others. Check some of the gutter protection products you can use on your gutter.

Under-Shingle – Just as the name suggests, this gutter protection slides are under the edge of the shingle and placed on the gutter. Some are easy to install, while for others, you may require professional intervention. 

Screens or Mesh – This type is not pricey, but it is not perfect to use it as a cover for your gutter. It sometimes gets messy with debris, and you are forced to wash both the guard and the gutter. It is, therefore, not effective enough to block debris from clogging your gutter. 

Reverse –Curve – This guard need an expert to install it for you. It is designed to sit on top of the gutter normally made of metal. This guard is very effective as it lets only water but prevents any debris from going through. One reason is for their installation angle with the same angle as that of your roofline.

In-Gutter Systems – They are designed to lay in the gutters and are made of a bottle-brush or foam to let water seep through as they repel debris. But they are not effective as you will clean the gutter just as the one without a guard. 


To avoid expensive home repairs, you have to make sure your gutter does not accumulate any debris. Alternatively, clean the gutter regularly and they will serve you for long. 

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