1. How to use Dafi filter pitchers


You need to know that tap water contains different kinds of invisible chemical compounds that contribute to the deterioration of its taste and smell. One of a homemade methods for purifying water are its filtering using a filter pitcher. It is extremely and pleasant to use. But, you should remember that a filter pitcher in order to function properly, some important rules have to be followed.

How does it work?

A man everyday uses around 100 liters of water for different reasons: for drinking, preparing meals, washing and cleaning. Using this amount of water, we must be sure that it is clean and healthy. Let’s note that despite the fact that tap water flows out of waterworks, but before it goes to our homes, it stays in a long way of obsolete flow pipes, additionally it collects iron or sand along the way.

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These kinds of things significantly worsen its taste, the fragrance or the visual qualities. Also chlorine, which aim is to purify water gives it unpleasant smell and taste. The task of a pitcher is to filter tap water and purify it from substances which unfavorably influences the taste, the smell and the look. A filter which is inside the pitcher allows to stop harmful chemical compounds, it also allows for the passage of clean water, as well as enriching it with beneficial minerals.

How to properly use a filter pitcher?

Activities which concern filtering water, in fact are only pouring tap water into the pitcher, the rest is already done by the pitcher. But, it is worth to remember that before pouring tap water, the rest from the previous pouring must be poured out. Before we place a pitcher under a tap we have to take a cover off and then direct the stream of water to the pitcher compartment, where the filter is located. Note that the filter will work after the first milliliters poured into a pitcher of water. Filtered water flows into the compartment.

When the compartment with a filter is full, the pitcher should be covered. In the situation when we put a new filter cartridge, press and activate the indicator so that it can measure the filter’s working time again. It is important to pour first filtered water out because only the second filtering is safe to drink. The producer of the pitcher, the Dafi, ensures that the filtered water is suitable for direct consumption even without cooking.

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