3 Reasons Why It Is Important To Schedule a Regular Cleaning Of Your Chimney.


Many homes in the United Kingdom still have working fireplaces and it’s great to come home to a real fire and to enjoy the heat and its beauty. In order for your fire to burn properly, you need to make sure that the fire can draw air from where it needs it and also that the smoke from it can leave the home safely and quickly. You may not have lit the fire over the summer season as it wasn’t cold enough, but now that cooler weather is here, you need to check that your chimney is clear and is not full of soot and other particles.

This is the time when you need to search for a chimney expert and there are a few reliable chimney sweeps in Orpington who you can call upon. Chimney maintenance is important and here is why.

  1. If you get it done now, then you will beat the rush. There are thousands of homes with a working chimney flue in the UK and they will want this service as well.
  2. Your sweep uses hoses and brushes to remove ash, soot and creosote and creosote is something you don’t want accumulating in your chimney. It is highly flammable and is the major cause of chimney fires in the UK.
  3. He cleans your chimney, but he also checks for other issues within your chimney like signs of damage or where your chimney is deteriorating.

Keep your family safe by scheduling regular sweeps of your chimney. Your fire will also burn more efficiently as a result.

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