Why Commercial Roof Maintenance is Essential


If you own a factory or warehouse, building maintenance is part and parcel of property ownership, and whether commercial or domestic, preventative roof maintenance will ensure that you aren’t suddenly faced with a huge repair bill. Fortunately, there are specialist commercial roofing contractors that offer an annual roof maintenance contract, which would include the following.

  • Close inspection of all fixings.
  • Cleaning out the guttering and downpipes.
  • Waterproofing Inspection.

The roof maintenance would normally be carried out every 6 months, which will ensure that your roof is not leaking and there are no issues, and more often than not, the inspection reveals a list of minor fixes that the contractor carried out while he’s there. If, for example, a couple of fixings become loose, gale force winds can lift corrugated roof sheeting, and that could cause some serious damage. Even a single loose fixing should be replaced, as this will prevent any further issues.

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Commercial Roof Cladding

Most commercial premises use corrugated roof cladding, which offers an inexpensive roof covering that is also very durable, and while this is normally very strong, it only takes a loose fixing here and there, which will allow the cladding to move in high winds, so it is very important to have every square inch of the roof inspected. Minor leaks can be repaired with silicone, and with a bi-annual contract with a company that specialises in commercial roof repair in Barnet, you will not have any roof concerns, and prompt repairs can be carried out.

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