7 Things a Professional Seamstress Can Do For You


There are times in our lives when we need a professional seamstress to alter a pair of jeans that are too long or shorten the shoulder straps on a dress we just had to have.

As time goes by and styles change a seamstress can fix our favourite clothing items so they are updated and we can wear them into the future. They can also make subtle changes to new pieces we love but would look better with a few simple tweaks.

It is great when we discover a seamstress we can bring our tailoring needs to because then when we shop or go through our closets we can see the endless possibilities for our wardrobe and personal style choices. Many dry cleaning companies offer tailoring and Kitsilano dry cleaning alternatives is a great place to find a seamstress for any clothing alterations you may have. Here are some things these skilled artisans can do.

  1. Altering Wedding Dresses

When it comes to wedding dresses it is important they fit like a glove for the bride’s big day. It is common for wedding gowns to need some little changes here and there and having an expert seamstress can make all the difference to how it looks on you whether you are doing small changes to a new dress or larger ones to a dress that your mother and grandmother wore on their wedding day. Find an experienced seamstress for this.

  1. Sculpting a New Neckline

Maybe you want to make some changes to a dress you love but is starting to feel dated or one you just bought but is not quite right. It is possible to take it to get tailored and switching up the neckline is always a fun thing to do. There are also times when you like a shirt or dress but it shows too much cleavage and it is not appropriate for the work environment. A seamstress can fix this so you can wear it anywhere.

  1. Customize Your Jeans

Often we keep old jeans because fashion tends to run in cycles and though they might not be the height of trendy they might be tomorrow. When we find some in our closet that are ready to be worn again they might need some slight altering to suit the current styles and our ever-changing bodies. Also spending time in thrift or consignment shops might mean a great discovery of some vintage jeans. Alter them to make them yours.

  1. Add or Repair Zippers

There is nothing worse than having a zipper fail in a dress you love or rip in your best pair of jeans. This does not have to be something to panic about if you have a seamstress you trust to take them to. Though it can be a bit complicated to change a zipper it is possible. Seamstresses can also add a visible or hidden zipper to a garment if you think it will add a bit of flair or make a clothing item easier to get into.

  1. Take in a Shirt or Blazer

If a garment has a straight seam then it is possible for it to be altered in a way that makes it look good. Often dress shirts can be boxy and if you prefer something with a little shape that fits you well then getting it tailored may be the right choice. If you have a blazer that is nice and goes with some pants you want to buy but it is a bit too big a seamstress can take it in a bit and no one will even know it has been tweaked for you.

  1. Add or Remove Pleats

We all have different body types and some people look great in pants with pleats while others not so much. If you have some that need some added or taken out a seamstress should be able to do this without much effort. You will find that the slacks, skirt or jeans will be much more flattering on once you have had them changed to fit your body better. Have them tailored to create a more modern and trendy look.

  1. Hemming or Lengthening

Being short means unless you are shopping in a petite section of a store you are going to have to hem most pants you purchase or shorten skirt or dress hemlines so they are more flattering for your body. A hem that hits at the wrong spot does nothing for your look. On the other hand being taller comes with its own set of challenges. Seamstresses can let down a hem though you will be more limited with the changes.

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